Toke by Jugal Mody: book review

Title: Toke
Author: Jugal Mody
Publisher: Harper Collins India
ISBN: 978-9350293409
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 224
Source: Publisher
Rating: 3.5/5


This book is going to make you laugh aloud, unless you have inhabitations to THE SWEAR WORDS. This book is about Nikhil. He spends a normal life with protective parents, he works under a supervisor who constantly finds faults with him, a pretty girl who doesn’t acknowledge his crush, until Lord Vishnu appears to him in a dream and gives him a purpose to live, to save the world. He is given 72 hours to save the world. And everything changes around him.

Nikhil and his two friends join together to save the world. Then slowly two Japanese’s girls who are martial arts specialist join them. Nikhil’s crush too joins their group with yet another colleague. Mean while lost Vishnu goes out for vacation as he is no mood to take the 10th avatar. He gives them the rescue button which would take them to the happy land. GOD keeps in touch with the group by having video conference when required.

I found it to be A simple book, with more of swear words and comedy. It gives an atmosphere of a software company. It’s kind of “read and move on” book. Nothing to take from it, nothing to get hurt about, it gives complete entertainment. I felt it was novel idea of bring in the god, the concept where an individual takes it up on him to save the world from becoming zombies. Breaking the monotony and making the GOD smoke with Nikhil and his friends, God going on a vacation. Fast paced book, you never know, but you have reached the last page of the book soon.

 This bookReview done for HarperCollins and indibloggers. 


5 thoughts on “Toke by Jugal Mody: book review

  1. Very true that the book does make you laugh out loud, but I found it dragging too much in some parts. Good humour and comic scenes were the strong points. Too many swear words and slow pace story were the weak points.

  2. For a minute it felt like the movie Evan Almighty 🙂 The idea must have been from it but then the author has added his own touches 🙂 I am not really comfortable reading books that has a lot of swear words.. makes me feel irritated. With TV, I dont mind much as I dont dwell on it. But then, with book I have this habit of going deep within and thats makes me say no no to books with swear words.

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