women empowerment

I liked this photo of my mom, which is kept in my grandparent’s house. My grandmother was against girl child’s education. She always wanted them to learn household chores and get them married off at early age.


My mom, secretly learnt to study. When this came to my grandfather’s notice, he encouraged her to study, put her in school. Grandmother used all her tricks to put a stop to it, but she lost the battle. Mom finally made her way to high school. Though grandmother didn’t allow her to study more, my mom made it till SSC.

My mom developed fascination for book. She always feels she is different world when she see’s books. Gift her book was best way to make up after a fight.

Once while travelling, grandmother had to take mom’s help to find the right bus. She needed mom to read the prescription and give her the medicines. She wanted my mom to sign the postal orders, or take money orders which she received from her sons. That is when grandmother realized her mistake. Now she feels proud to looking at this particular picture, which she keeps under her pillow.

I feel this photo is eye-opener for my family then, and made older generation realize their mistakes. Now they want every girl in the family to be educated. For me, this is an symbol of women empowerment.

This post is my entry for the’One Picture From My Photo Album’ contest conducted by My Yatra Diary and CupoNation.”

Note: I am lucky to have this photo scanned few years back, as grandparents were not ready to given of all photos to us.

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33 thoughts on “women empowerment

  1. Such a beautiful picture and the story behind it can put a smile on anyone’s face. Yes, we all make mistakes but the idea is to learn from them.
    Loved this post.

  2. This is such a beautiful picture. And the post reminds me of my mom’s will to study. Even my grandfather didn’t allow her to continue after her graduation. But she wanted to study further. So she studied from home and cleared all her exams in one go (which was a difficult thing then, considering she didn’t even had the relevant material to study from and of course no coaching) 🙂 She is now a proud M.A. in Economics. 😀

    1. nice to hear tat.. but this generation is different na.. we want them to study, but kids dont want to go to school with so much of assignments to do.

  3. Tagged twice in this!! Now lemme dig that photo!!! And loved ur pic!!! Ur mom is so engrossed! And the story behind it is very inspiring!!!

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