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The Main Characters-

Sudhakar Bhadra- if not him, then this story is not there. he is a farmer, who commits suicide as he is not able to pay debts.

Gangiri- Sudhakar’s [ he is the brother of Sudhakar, a school teacher settled in urban town. he fights for the justice and his brother, in long run for the farmers.

Keyur Kashinath son of Vaishnav Kashinath who is a party’s general secretary and politician.

Videhi, wife of a rich industrialist and assistant director of the Centre for Contemporary Societies who comes up with a bizarre solution to combat farmer suicides by withdrawing all the subsides proved to them.

it begins with a suicide of a farmer at Mityalay in south central india. Unfortunately, the Mityala community fakes out the news of suicide committed by several such farmers and cancels out on the compensation to their families .his brother, a city dweller, educated and working as a school teacher gets affected by this and takes the case seriously and fights for rights. in the process of finding justice, he quits his job, and he fights for all other farmers justice, and doesnt want anyone else to commit suicide. he tries to figure out the core reason for his brother’s death. when he tries to reason, he finds out that, there were deceitful money lenders, bank mangers with targets, local MPs with elections coming , district collector, agriculture officer etc. with so much of expense to borne and no job, he delivers justice to the widows of the farmers. he is assisted by a journalist throughout the book.

the book gives insight of  working of Indian political and democratic system of India. it also tells about how Politian’s behave for the sake of votes.

the best part of the book is characterization. how the story is built to support each character. you feel like you have heard this story from your grandmother who is into farming or read it in news paper.

a very different book from the kind i have read in recent times. touching. this book gives inspiration to fight for a true cause. though slow, proves to be worth the wait to finish. language is simple, straightforward.

Kota Neelima is a political editor with The Sunday Guardian    and    a    Research    Fellow    for    South     Asia Studies at The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC. Her previously published work includes the novels Riverstones and Death of a Moneylender. Neelima lives in New Delhi and Washington, DC.

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Profit or Loss??

I wish to get my story published in Chicken Soup for the Indian Entrepreneurs Soul in association with

Few months after I my marriage, i realized that my life is under mess. Me and my husband had to repay too many loans. My husband was not ready to tell me the details. He just said, “ Don’t count my salary for household expenses, run the house in single salary ”. The one thought which struck me was, “ what if I had not been working?”. Still I waited for him to open up. Few more months passed, I became pregnant. House expenses raised. Due promotion missed him, putting us in more pain. To pay back a loan with high interest rate, I had to take a loan in my name for the first time. Staying away from husband for the job, running around banks with a growing child inside me, made me cry day and night.

I thought everything will be under control as I am going to my parents place for my baby’s  birth. I was going to live there for more than 7-8 months. Mean while I would get increments, so can manage with my salary and all the savings when I will return. But my parents constant pressure of buying  a property irritated me. How do I tell them that even after earning a six digit salary, me and my hubby are under a financial crisis, and I don’t know the reason for the same.

Finally the secret was revealed. He with his best friends have opened a software company a year ago. They all had taken loans and invested on the infrastructure.  Initially the company went on well, they developed few softwares and earned a nice amount. My Brother-in-law who got selected for American embassy, got fascinated by this software company and didn’t accept his offer letter. Brother-in-law became the in-charge of the company. Rest of the partners went ahead with their regular jobs. None of them turned back to look at the company. Slowly the recession started. They didn’t get any project. All of them had to put extra money from their pocket to pay the electricity bills, rent and staff salary. The burden hit all. Mean while our wedding was fixed, so hubby had to take another loan for the wedding expenses. For so many things, his salary was not sufficient which increased the pressure on me. I had to work till last to compensate the expenses.

Problem was simple, all the partners lost interest in the company. Each one got an onsite offer, and moved on with their lives and paying back loans was easier for them. My family, me, hubby and Brother-in-law were caught with the dilemma of running or closing the company.Brother-in-law was not paid any salary. So, that meant we had to pay for his expenses too. Every week video conferencing of the partners slowly reduced with their own family priorities. My peace of mind was lost in the whole process.

Finally the infrastructure and prime location of the company came to rescue. We sublet half the premises for a testing centre. The testing centre needed a computer administrator for the operation for which Brother-in-law fitted in. Testing centre took care of the salary of Brother-in-law, rent and the electricity bill. Luckily it was a gain from the drain. Atleast we didn’t have to shell out extra money from our pocket every month.  I realized that any amount of talking, arguing or crying is going to change my husbands or his partner’s way of looking at their business.

All the partners seem to have a job in hand which pays them well. This software company is laid side track, and they have lost the interest in very early stage of it. They don’t want to take risk by leaving their present jobs and hunt for new projects. They have got used to their lavish lifestyles( expect my family), so its difficult for them to sustain the pressure of financial crisis. The location of their current jobs, each of them is literally staying in different countries. Communication and staying connected is also becoming a trouble. The company is still there for namesake without much of development.

Starting a business is not a big deal; people should also have the stamina and willpower to run it. Incase one partner is not ready or accepting the advancement, other should convince or get convinced. the fire to run, the goal to achieve, targets should be clear. With every hurdle, a new solution should be found, dream should become bigger. Running away is not a solution . entrepreneur is true fighter.   

Toke by Jugal Mody: book review

Title: Toke
Author: Jugal Mody
Publisher: Harper Collins India
ISBN: 978-9350293409
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 224
Source: Publisher
Rating: 3.5/5


This book is going to make you laugh aloud, unless you have inhabitations to THE SWEAR WORDS. This book is about Nikhil. He spends a normal life with protective parents, he works under a supervisor who constantly finds faults with him, a pretty girl who doesn’t acknowledge his crush, until Lord Vishnu appears to him in a dream and gives him a purpose to live, to save the world. He is given 72 hours to save the world. And everything changes around him.

Nikhil and his two friends join together to save the world. Then slowly two Japanese’s girls who are martial arts specialist join them. Nikhil’s crush too joins their group with yet another colleague. Mean while lost Vishnu goes out for vacation as he is no mood to take the 10th avatar. He gives them the rescue button which would take them to the happy land. GOD keeps in touch with the group by having video conference when required.

I found it to be A simple book, with more of swear words and comedy. It gives an atmosphere of a software company. It’s kind of “read and move on” book. Nothing to take from it, nothing to get hurt about, it gives complete entertainment. I felt it was novel idea of bring in the god, the concept where an individual takes it up on him to save the world from becoming zombies. Breaking the monotony and making the GOD smoke with Nikhil and his friends, God going on a vacation. Fast paced book, you never know, but you have reached the last page of the book soon.

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women empowerment

I liked this photo of my mom, which is kept in my grandparent’s house. My grandmother was against girl child’s education. She always wanted them to learn household chores and get them married off at early age.


My mom, secretly learnt to study. When this came to my grandfather’s notice, he encouraged her to study, put her in school. Grandmother used all her tricks to put a stop to it, but she lost the battle. Mom finally made her way to high school. Though grandmother didn’t allow her to study more, my mom made it till SSC.

My mom developed fascination for book. She always feels she is different world when she see’s books. Gift her book was best way to make up after a fight.

Once while travelling, grandmother had to take mom’s help to find the right bus. She needed mom to read the prescription and give her the medicines. She wanted my mom to sign the postal orders, or take money orders which she received from her sons. That is when grandmother realized her mistake. Now she feels proud to looking at this particular picture, which she keeps under her pillow.

I feel this photo is eye-opener for my family then, and made older generation realize their mistakes. Now they want every girl in the family to be educated. For me, this is an symbol of women empowerment.

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Note: I am lucky to have this photo scanned few years back, as grandparents were not ready to given of all photos to us.

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