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Ashreya ( designing a shelter for everyone)- dream office.

 Tell us about your dream business; and if you had the option of using Office 365, blog about how you would use it!
Need inspiration? Here are a few good places to start:Lync OnlineSharepoint OnlineThe best blog posts win:1 Nokia Lumia 920,1 Nokia Lumia 820 ,5 Microsoft Arc MiceDo include a link to in your blog post.

Office 365!!!


Its my dream to open an Architectural firm. Being an architect, there is always a thirst to be independent, different, and creative. Setting up an office and fulfilling others dream is every Architects dream.


Call it the financial constraints; I had to land into a public sector. I get paid regularly, and incremental salary which takes care of my EMI’s fulfilling my families’ desires, but not my inner self.  I have made so many ideas to take up both challenges of work and home.

Office365MissionWebsite (1)


If I need to set up an office, what I need is a place, staff and constant communication with them. Meeting hall for client meeting, ideas sharing, contacts of contractors, vendors, structural consultants etc . I also need to mark progress, should be able to communicate the changes and keep track of finances.

To set up all these, I need to make investment. Finally, it’s the initial huge investment is what stopping me from opening my dream office.




Got mail from indiblogger about the contest asking me to write about dream office. And it also gave a link about office 365 and three links to explore ideas..  hurray the links summarized my requirement within my budget.  It has Instant Messaging , VOIP , Video Conferencing  and telecommunication services, which comes with Lync server.

Now let me assume how this will help me with an example.

I get call from client (telecommunication service). I fix up an appointment. I make it physical as I  think its is required for assurance of the client. Then he gives me the input. I jot down the requirements as a word document/ take care statements in excel sheet. Then I share these stuff with my staff.

Once my staff understands the requirements, I can give instructions in instant messaging. Doubts with clients are clarified with video conferencing. Video conferencing is a bliss as I can participate even if I am travelling, convenient for client also as he saves lots of time on travelling In this traffic. I can Access my work through a browser, and find all my settings and documents just as i left them on my desktop—whether I am using my tablet, Smartphone, or another device. The drawings and 3d views are sent to me by my staff, I correct them, work on concepts, update it at my home PC, my staff picks it up from where I left and develops the idea further.  ( doesn’t it sound really interesting??). once the drawings are finalized, I can mail it to the coustumer and get the feedback.

While construction, I can talk to the contractor and supplier on phone, sort out things on mails and get the work executed. If I am not able to travel to the construction site, I can get the photos  and mark the progress on PC. I feels office 365 is complete project management kit with would help the small business owners like me balance work, part-time work and home efficiently. I can be omnipresent and cost effectively fulfill the dream of office without its actual presence and get work done and earn more.

Key take aways would be:

  • Stay up to date with everyone’s changes in the same document, even if changes are made at the same time.
  • All your files are automatically backed up online, even the ones on your PC.
  • Away from your PC? Stream a full-featured version of Office on any Internet-connected PC.
  • Now this also helps in marketing. Now that I am into designing , I need to market and get more projects. This helps me to develop my website, and keep it up-to-date.
  • Design customized marketing materials that fit your brand and customers.
  • Market your business with a website that’s easy to set up and update—with no additional hosting fees.
  • Meet customers and partners online with HD video conferencing and screen sharing.
  • there online services which are included are,
  • Email and calendars with 25 GB mail box per user.
  • Team sites which helps me to share 10 gb documents + 500 mb storage per user.
  • Security: our data is protected.
  • I will given administrate rights to add or remove users any minute.

now I have a PC at office, laptop at home to do the work. What more is required to contine is this dream is Nokia lumia and office 365 to take me to first step of success.

This post is written as part of   contest conducted by  Office 365  in collaboration with IndiBlogger .



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