Soldier for women:

I thought I would never remember this or talk about it. But somehow I felt, if I don’t open up now, I would loose a chance to appreciate two men in my life who stood for me at the time of trouble and want to it out of my system by talking about the  culprit who spoil the name of all men in the world.

I shifed to this new city for my job. I was just newly married. We had tough time deciding if I had to take this new job or not. Because it was my passion to work in a research organization, hubby and in-laws agreed with my decided to join.  I came to the city. Company’s guest house had only 6 rooms in it. As I went in as a couple, I was given the double bed room with a condition that, I have to vacate if a senior officer comes to the city. My luck was bad that I was given two days to vacate. Me while it was Ashadam ( a telugu/tamil month) when auspicious things are not done. Not even shifting the house. So the owners were not ready to give the house.  Oh yes, I didn’t look married to most of them. i.e I didn’t wear saree, sindoor or toe ring during my first day of house hunting.  Sadly there were no brokers too.(sadly)  I had to dress myself to fit into  place. One person was ready to give if belonged to certain community. We ditched that house. After so many hurdles we found a house, but problem was they would give me the house only after 10 days.

Hubby had to leave as his leave was getting over. On suggestion of a colleague of my office, I met somebody near the house I picked. Instantly I bonded with the lady. She asked me to consider her to be my sister and stay with her for those 10 days. I thought if I could stay for two days, I would be sent to another city for my induction, and come back to stay for a day. By that time my rented home would be ready.  Hubby was in a dilemma, but we didn’t have a choice, I had to stay in their house.

The ladys husband made few jokes as we were newly married, we didn’t take it serious. I stayed with them. He tried talking adult stuff, I would ignore it. ( as it was not really harming). Then I went for induction came back. He being a senior officer in local state govt office, had influence and got me gas connection easily and lot more things. The lady helped me to do all local shopping for my new house. It was the last day for me in their house.  That man, asked me to return the favor by showing porn in internet. Now that was heights. I couldn’t tolerate it. I felt helpless in the new city. Telling at home means leaving the job and packing up to be stay at home wife.

Yes I shamelessly cried. I Came out of house, called my colleague. He travelled 15 kms to come to the house where I was living, he simply said, “ pack up”.  He was not married, a bachelor, I knew him just for about 10 days. He immediately called my hubby and informed him about everything. Hubby felt bad for leaving me alone. My friend, asked my hubby if it was ok if I stayed in his house for that night, as my hubby was coming the next day. We finished talking  on phone, my friend went inside that house and packed my things for me as I was reluctant to step again inside the house.  Just before my friend came out, I heard a hard slapping noise. I didn’t ask him what happened. Neither did he say. (during this that lady was not at home) . she still feels I left their house without telling them anything. I feel guilty for not letting the lady know what her husband is upto?.

Now yet another thing what is troubling me is why didn’t I react? Why didn’t I slap him. It would have given my peace of mind.  But being new to city, judged by newlywed husband and in-laws, faithfulness for staying in their house and having has their food troubled me at that time.

But I was happy that a stranger colleague then who came for me, a hubby who trusted me and supported in all front makes me happy.

Thanks Mr. Anand for being there for me. But for you support on that day, I don’t know what would have happened to me. Thanks for let me stay in the house for that night, not bothering about your owner kicking you out of the house, or your parents thinking bad of you. ( as I said it was difficult for a married women to get house, he is bachelor and took risk of making me stay there for that night). Thanks for cheering me up and not letting me loose trust on MEN.
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Ashreya ( designing a shelter for everyone)- dream office.

 Tell us about your dream business; and if you had the option of using Office 365, blog about how you would use it!
Need inspiration? Here are a few good places to start:Lync OnlineSharepoint OnlineThe best blog posts win:1 Nokia Lumia 920,1 Nokia Lumia 820 ,5 Microsoft Arc MiceDo include a link to in your blog post.

Office 365!!!


Its my dream to open an Architectural firm. Being an architect, there is always a thirst to be independent, different, and creative. Setting up an office and fulfilling others dream is every Architects dream.


Call it the financial constraints; I had to land into a public sector. I get paid regularly, and incremental salary which takes care of my EMI’s fulfilling my families’ desires, but not my inner self.  I have made so many ideas to take up both challenges of work and home.

Office365MissionWebsite (1)


If I need to set up an office, what I need is a place, staff and constant communication with them. Meeting hall for client meeting, ideas sharing, contacts of contractors, vendors, structural consultants etc . I also need to mark progress, should be able to communicate the changes and keep track of finances.

To set up all these, I need to make investment. Finally, it’s the initial huge investment is what stopping me from opening my dream office.




Got mail from indiblogger about the contest asking me to write about dream office. And it also gave a link about office 365 and three links to explore ideas..  hurray the links summarized my requirement within my budget.  It has Instant Messaging , VOIP , Video Conferencing  and telecommunication services, which comes with Lync server.

Now let me assume how this will help me with an example.

I get call from client (telecommunication service). I fix up an appointment. I make it physical as I  think its is required for assurance of the client. Then he gives me the input. I jot down the requirements as a word document/ take care statements in excel sheet. Then I share these stuff with my staff.

Once my staff understands the requirements, I can give instructions in instant messaging. Doubts with clients are clarified with video conferencing. Video conferencing is a bliss as I can participate even if I am travelling, convenient for client also as he saves lots of time on travelling In this traffic. I can Access my work through a browser, and find all my settings and documents just as i left them on my desktop—whether I am using my tablet, Smartphone, or another device. The drawings and 3d views are sent to me by my staff, I correct them, work on concepts, update it at my home PC, my staff picks it up from where I left and develops the idea further.  ( doesn’t it sound really interesting??). once the drawings are finalized, I can mail it to the coustumer and get the feedback.

While construction, I can talk to the contractor and supplier on phone, sort out things on mails and get the work executed. If I am not able to travel to the construction site, I can get the photos  and mark the progress on PC. I feels office 365 is complete project management kit with would help the small business owners like me balance work, part-time work and home efficiently. I can be omnipresent and cost effectively fulfill the dream of office without its actual presence and get work done and earn more.

Key take aways would be:

  • Stay up to date with everyone’s changes in the same document, even if changes are made at the same time.
  • All your files are automatically backed up online, even the ones on your PC.
  • Away from your PC? Stream a full-featured version of Office on any Internet-connected PC.
  • Now this also helps in marketing. Now that I am into designing , I need to market and get more projects. This helps me to develop my website, and keep it up-to-date.
  • Design customized marketing materials that fit your brand and customers.
  • Market your business with a website that’s easy to set up and update—with no additional hosting fees.
  • Meet customers and partners online with HD video conferencing and screen sharing.
  • there online services which are included are,
  • Email and calendars with 25 GB mail box per user.
  • Team sites which helps me to share 10 gb documents + 500 mb storage per user.
  • Security: our data is protected.
  • I will given administrate rights to add or remove users any minute.

now I have a PC at office, laptop at home to do the work. What more is required to contine is this dream is Nokia lumia and office 365 to take me to first step of success.

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