Ramp queens Styles



here let me present you the hairstyles of the ramp queen Ash’s few hairstyles .  i dont exactly know the names or how its made. but i can always tell you if liked it? .

option 1: 

its a nice bun/knot tied at back. its has few strands of hair falling on face. its certainly a style which a common women can wear on road. it would suit more when you a deep neck blouse to show your back. streaking would give yet another stylish look.



option 2: 

ha this is chic style. would go really well with western outfit. a sleevless would enhance the look. would nice if the hair type is straight. and the bounce of the hair when the person walks with high heel and carries a right attitude makes it more stylish.



option 3: 

occasional traditional wear. its heavy, but needed when you have to be the center of attraction. less to do on hair part, more on the accessories used.  though the flower and ornaments makes it heavy, but matter of few hours, it can be adjusted.



option 4: 

doesn’t this style give you a Japanese feeling? a casual style, just clip few stands from front little high, and let the fringe fall on your face. when there is no time, or you need to dry your hair naturally, best way.



option 5: 

layercut gives an advantage of leaving it loose, you have a option of making it fall on shoulder, face o r put back. just proper combing and little hair spray gives the magic.





option 6: 

though its looks likes you have just come out bath. the wavy hair sends style signals.




tomboyish look. more suit people on business and have to possess command on others. goes well with collared outfits.


option 8: 

simple clean. you want to look tidy and dont like hair going out of place. comb close and tie at the back. perfect for travel.



option 9: 

ethnic and classy.  plaiting is traditional in south india. when there are elders at home who wont allow you to leave your hair loose, this is the best option. try out with kundan accessories, you look trendy and traditional.



option 10: 

little effort in curling the hair is need. just tying it up give a stylish look.



so what did you people see in all the options? the model is same, so certainly hair type is also same :P. just the styling part varied with the dressing. you want straight hair, use hair straightener, want curls, curl your hair. want to set it, use hair spray. add jewels, streaks or colour or cut your hair short. the perfect hair is the one, which doesnt get damaged even after you try all styles. and get better with each wash. feels smooth with conditioning.





so perfect solution for all hair is tressme shampoo and conditioner. TRESemme_Logo_New_tcm23-296803

there is star in you. if you can carry out your self with proper attitude, every style is perfect ramp style.


still the contest asks for my ramp hair style, i would present this simple style as my perfect style. pull up your hair, twist, turn to one side, a clip it with the clutch clip in your hand. nothing special need. specialty comes with the special shampoo and conditioner used with good maintenance.     when working mom’s like me dont find time to comb hair, dont like hair falling on neck on summer and busy working on PC, this is the best.

DSC04656 DSC04657

This post was written as a part of the contest for TRESemmé India Youtube channel and Indiblogger.

note: the prizes are tempting. wanted both tab and hair straightener. couldn’t stop myself from doing this second post.

8 thoughts on “Ramp queens Styles

  1. You seem very impressed with Aishwarya’s hairs 🙂 Loreal should get some credit here 😉 All the best for the contest.

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