My Ramp ready hairstyle…My Ramp ready hairstyle…My Ramp ready hairstyle…

You can apply for a sample and make a style for yourself, pick a hair style from the interactive TRESemmé India Youtube channel, or simply use your imagination! Tell us all about your ramp-ready hair style and win fantastic prizes!

firstly you dont need to cut ur hair for getting a new stylish look, simple ways of braiding it can give you a model look. 🙂


First I got the sample promptly after applying for it. Courier reached my office address, it came in neat packet, was happy to receive it and try it.

My next task was to watch interactive TRESemmé India Youtube channel. I was lucky that the site got opened in office.

What did I learn??

A lot of things from the video. First I realized that I used really bad method of washing my hair. no wonder my hair looks like a nest at the end of the wash. Washing the hair properly also helps the hair to look healthier and knot free.  Conditioning the hair is as important as washing them too. Here the Hair expert actually combs the hair after applying the conditioner, and then gives a wash. That was an important step I added to my routine.


Next, coming to the hairstyles:

Hair collage1wedding hairstyle collage

the above are various hairstyle collage Google gives.. don’t be shocked. even i was, it looks so complicated na?? but tressme YouTube link gives simple hair-styling which can be made by self.

But once you get into YouTube link, you can see so many complicated hairstyles too.  I wouldn’t say much complicated, its just the difficulty level increased from easy. you can also choose a hairstyle according to your hair type, straight, wavy or curly.

Here i am posting links of the styles i would use for different occasions in my life. 

I would choose this hairstyle when I am asked go on a date:

at times , bun is the one which goes well with saree and really low neck blouse. A jewel inside the bun makes it a grand look.

this one is good, when I have to take kids out, be without bothering about the hair falling down in this scorching summer, yet look like a stylish mom.

this is nice when I have to impress and get that naughty look . this style has a romantic finish to it.. don’t ask me why, I feel it.

how did I forget, I need a hairstyle for special parties thrown by friends. This would go well with salwar.

Wow, the videos are amazing. Most importantly, the hairstyles can be made without taking help of anyone.  The hairstyles didn’t look like you had done too much, yet looked stylish. They are style which can be worn casually to office. Who wouldn’t like looking stylish in office.

So first let me post the pictures of the hairstyles I tried, few i tried to discover or invent.

New folder

now coming to ramp style. Any hairstyle, for me should go with the dress what a person is wearing. In case a person  doesn’t know what style, has no time, best style would be to clip the front hair, let it loose. When you walk on the ramp, the bouncing hair adds on to the grace with the catwalk.



This post was written as a part of the contest for TRESemmé India Youtube channel and Indiblogger.

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