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memories of long hair

Advika and Ashreya are two beautiful sister. They were totally different from each other. May be you can say, the difference is because of the age difference between them too. 10 years made it as gen-next for each of them. Advika became almost a parent to Ashreya.

Advika, was really short tempered. She would go her shave her hair, when ever her dad scolded her. People say, that is the reason, she has beautiful hair today. Thank god her head shaving thing didn’t continue after certain age. She grew her hair long. People loved looking her from behind. The way her hair was braided. The way her hair swayed when she walked was a sight to see. Advika’s mom became cautious. She would not let her braid her in single plait or let her leave her hair loose. All the boys in neighborhood would wait for Sunday to arrive, when they can see Advika let her hair loose, with a small knot at the end. They would follow her till temple to see her walk, and long plait sway with her,

Ashreya on the other end, had a rough texture hair. she never let anyone touch her hair. only Adivka dared to go near Ashreya. Advika used to oil Ashreya’s hair. Advika was found of make up and hairstyles. She would watch the beauty programs on Tv and would try them on Advika. That’s she learnt all French plait, Spanish knot, bun, etc etc.

Both grew up being noted for their hair, for the length, varieties of braids they would were. During dance programs, they never used false hair. for obvious reasons Advika was radha in dance plays, where Krishna would pull her hair.

Things changed after Advika joined college. She studied in Chennai during the water crisis time. She was just given a bucket of water to bath. She couldn’t maintain her hair any longer. She decided to cut her hair short. But instead of help, that did more damage to her hair. hairfall started, people no more talked about her hair.

The intelligent younger one , who is still in school suggested  Dove Split Ends Rescue System to Advika. Things started changing a lot.  Things improved so much with the rescue system . a follower of her hair during the school days proposed her. His love letter was a collage of all the photos taken of Advika during the school time. On their wedding day, he confessed that he fell for her for the beautiful hair she has.

Advika thanked Ashreya for the great advice she gave . she started growing her hair once again, though the hair no more thick has t used to be, but the life in the hair is same as those old days.

This post is part of the Beautiful Ends to Your Beautiful Braids! Contest on, in collaboration with Dove Split Ends Rescue System.

p.s: sisters are none other than me and me my sis. unfortunately unable to trace those old photographs. 



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