Book review: Words to inspire the winner in YOU by Dr. Roopleen

Don’t allow temporary defeats in life destroy your confidence and leave permanent scars on your psyche.

We all aspire to achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams. But working towards goals is not easy. En route to success you will encounter hurdles, obstacles and rough patches. The down times can get really down and dishearten you.Setbacks and disappointments are an integral part of life there is no escaping them. While you cannot change your circumstances or bypass the hurdles, you can brace yourself up against the difficult times by maintaining a positive frame of mind and being determined to keep going against all odds.When the going gets tough and you are overwhelmed by the rough times, all you need is something to encourage you and keep you going. Words to inspire the winner in you will do exactly that. This collection of author’s original motivational quotes will lift up your spirits, inspire you and put you back on track.

Be thankful for all challenges you encountered. But for them you wouldn’t have recognized your true  strength.

·         ISBN: 978-93-81206-09-6

·         Genre : Self help

·         Price: Rs. 200/-

·         Pages: 160

·         Publishers: Power Publishers


Don’t fear to dream big for in big dreams are seeds of great achievements.

The books had covered 146 topics starting from ability to You, sequenced alphabetically. Incase we are searching for a particular word, say love or life, we can just go to that page and get beautiful inspirational one-liners. It contains inspirational one-liner.  Even if you are not going through difficult faces in life, you can still read the book to get more inspirational in day today life. I would prefer reading one quote every day, and build the positive feeling inside me.

Introduction says , a person goes through various ups and downs in life. There are times, when a person completely loses his self confidence. It is very difficult for the other person to choose right words to comfort them. We need positive words to inspire and uplift the spirit of the person.

I feel the book can do wonders to such a person. In fact I was feeling depressed and felt I am living without any goals in life. But few quotes made me rethink, uplift my confidence.

I think everybody should posses this book, read one quote per day and make the life more meaningful and fulfill all dreams.

Don’t be afraid of setting high standards for yourself, fear only being contented meeting others standards that are less than what you are capable of achieving

About the author

Dr Roopleen is an Eye Surgeon, motivational counselor and speaker. She is the author of Principles of Success Made Easy-14 Easy Steps To Climb the Ladder of Success. Roopleen did her MBBS from GOMCO Patiala, MS from HIHT Dehradun and Super-Specialization from Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai. A hard core optimist and a firm believer of the power of positive thinking, Roopleen is passionate about serving people and being able to make a difference in their lives. Her vision is to inspire people to believe in themselves, pursue their dreams and live a meaningful life. A hard-core optimist and a die-hard advocator of positive thinking, Dr Roopleen is passionate about living life to the full. Her ideology in life and her blood group happen to be the same: ‘B-POSITIVE!’

You can follow her at, or mail

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The best way to feel good about is to count your blessings and celebrate your achievements

Create or destroy- power of MIL.

Before I write anything , let me confess its stupid me who has given her rights to play with my emotions, or I have still no excelled the art of ignoring. The one and only reason being “Bunty”.

Now that hubby is returning back to India, I am not sure if I need to be happy or sad. I know I am thinking too much, but I can’t stop myself from foreseeing the trouble which would come when hubby is going to stay with us.


I think a couple shares the responsibility of sharing the work in household. But in my case as I am away from hubby, need to mange everything.

I have to do regular stuff like others, paying bills( rent, milk wala, electricity, internet, landline, mobile, cable, watchman etc etc), buying grocery, cooking and cleaning the house. I also run behind banks, finding the best interest rates, taking loans, repaying them, discussing about it with hubby. I need to save, buy gold, property, and make investments in short. I need to think of tax savings, policy’s, premiums too. I need to keep track of Bunty’s health, vaccinations, regular check-ups.  In between had to learn driving as I couldn’t run, share autos, or take buses. I had to go and visit so many secondhand car dealers, see cars, bargain, take them to car technicians and finally bought one. As if all this is not enough, take MIL and Bunty out on every weekend, to park, mall or exhibition or anything they demand.

I have to cook. Mil had stopped cooking long back. I make a breakfast( proper south indian onces like idili, dosa, pongal, upma etc etc),chutney, dry curry, rasam, dal everyday. I also make sure I give something extra to eat every day. Say sweet potato, sprouts, or fruits and fresh home made juice.

I also work at office. i.e. deadlines, discussions and being an Architect I am asked to be creative. This drains half my energy.  keep in touch with ex-colleagues, remember b’days and wish all, send cards etc etc.

Once back home, cook rice for Bunty, and make tiffin for MIL and me. Feed Bunty, play with her, read stories for her,at times even give her bath . finally put her to sleep. And the routine follows. ( cant imagine doing homework with her when she goes to school).

Doing all these doesn’t pain me. The only things hurts me is after I all these, even if I don’t get appreciation, I don’t feel bad. But MIL complains to hubby that I am not taking care of her, and he stays countries away and scolds me on phone without knowing the truth. I feel hurt.

I don’t mind her telling around people, that she takes good care of her Bunty, does everything and forced to stay away from Chennai because of my work , and bitch about me as I am her DIL etc etc. I am hurt when she blackmails that she would leave me and go if I don’t treat her properly.

I don’t mind getting up extra hour before or sleeping an hour late and cleaning things when maids don’t turn up, or save extra money and buy her saree instead of buying something for me. I am hurt when she says that her son would leave me if she tells the truth about me( god only knows what is that). I am hurt that, after all I do everything, she keeps telling people that I treat her like maid.

Please someone tell me, what else I need to do, to make this DIL-MIL relation work?

Now that I have poured my heart, I am feeling light. What else to do, when my own ego stops me from crying.

Good news and Bunty tails.. :P

Hubby’s project is getting over this March end. He would be coming back to India. But he will be posted in Mumbai for a while.  Now I have started counting days. Just waiting for his tickets to be booked, secretly praying for “ no extension” for him in that project.

I have successfully stopped breast feeding for Bunty. I felt it was I high time I did something. She would be two years in two months, so had to stop her from pulling my dress in public.


On weekend took Bunty out to the only mall in vizag( as per my knowledge) , CMR. Bunty likes it a lot, she plays few games there, eats pop-corn, and at times gets new dresses from MAX. I already planned to buy her few dresses, but to irritate her, I just skipped kids section and went ahead. She got so angry, she spilled all the pop-corn, threw always her bangle and next moment she was on floor crying. I had pull her to side to stop my embarrassment. Promised her that I would but her dress.

Bunty: amma, idi bagunda? ( is this nice?)

She never asks she wants it. She will just ask if its nice. She was adamant in choosing the pink  colour dresses only. May be that’s why they made pink as girls colour. Finally had to buy 7 dresses, 2 of MIL’s choice, 2 of mine and three of Bunty’s choice. All the way back she was holding the packet of cloths with smile on her face.


Conversation on phone next day

Hubby: Bunty, hello..

Bunty: hello.. bagunava.. ? ( are you good??)

Hubby: emmi chesutunavu? ( what r u doing??)

Bunty: kotta dress chupistanu( will show new dress)

Hubby: amma koni ichinda? ( did amma get it??)

Bunty: hmmm.. kinda padi doladute kani amma konivaledu (she got only after I cried and rolled on floor)

Hubby laughed a lot..


Bunty: snake snake!!!

MIL: where?

Bunty shows some hair rolled and fallen on floor near the staircase

Neighbor: oh my daughter would put it. Sorry

Bunty: you put snake in my house. I will put big snake in your house

Neighbor: how will you get it?

Bunty: I will collect whatever you throw, and put it in ur house

Neighbor: I will get scared na..

Bunty: then don’t throw snake in my house ok??

All of us had a good laugh. She picks up arguments like adults.


I took Bunty on flight when I went to Chennai. On return trip she understood that its MIL’s first time on flight.

Bunty: namma, she that bus there

MIL: ok

Bunty: namma, aeroplane will not come here. Bus will take us there.

MIL: is it?

Bunty: yes yes.

We take out seats in plane

Bunty: namma wear that belt. Or else that aunty with lipstick will scold u.

MIL gave a confused look. I had to tell that’s the airhostess. Bunty was so sweet to give the window seat to MIL .

Bunty: keep the cotton in ur ears like this.

MIL follows her instructions obediently like a kid.

Bunty: namma see there, we will go up now.

I was surprised throughout the trip. When I narrated the incident to my mother, she told me that, she was the one who explained the process to Bunty. Bunty remembered everything and tried to teach the same to her namma( my MIL).

Bunty has become parrot in the house, always repeating whatever we say and instructing her toys to eat food and drink milk etc etc.


Hi guys..

Hope all of you are doing good. I am back safe, after a long break. So let me answer the probable questions you people would ask …

I went missing from blogosphere for almost 3 months now. So many good and bad things happened in these 3 months.

January :

It was little busy month. We had BIL’s engagement. BIL is Husband’s younger brother. With hubby not around, as a responsible SIL, had to take the responsibility. We planned it just a day after POngal. But the girls side had different plans as they were renovating their house. I had applied leave, all the tickets were booked, and the sudden change in plan created lots of fuss and misunderstandings.

Thank god, all went on well. After my in-laws threatened them, that we will have straight marriage, NO engagement, they agreed to have engagement on the day which was fixed initially.

After that, came back to vizag with mom. Life was bliss for next three weeks. No cooking phase.


I was all excited as hubby was coming to India after 8 months for the wedding.  Reached Chennai on 10th, he came on 11th early morning. I couldn’t sleep all night, spent all night waiting for sun to rise, checking the time every five minutes.

Sad part was that he came only for one week. Bunty dint know what to call him. She got confused with BIL. Started calling him “ Bhabai( chacha), mama, uncle.”  Yes, hubby was really upset. He didn’t know how to react.

Then I enjoyed shopping for 3 of us. We had proper family time, good part is, MIL and FIL let us free.  Got Pattu saree for myself, Pattu pavadai for Bunty.  Cooked food for hubby after so many months.

We travelled some 400 kms in Traveler vehicle for the wedding. I Faced lots of problem with Bunty vomiting all the time.  My mom was surprised looking at me. Yes, I am a person who would turn the face away if someone is vomiting,  or immediately start vomiting looking at them. But now, my mom saw me cleaning Bunty and comforting her.  Things change with time na?? J

At wedding: too many problems. Never expected the my in-laws would be shouting at girls side relatives etc etc. its was not in-laws problem, the new brides mom is very fussy. She complicates everything.  ( this complete thing demands a new post by itself).

Finally wedding happened, we all came back. Hubby had to leave the next day. I could take that, so I left to my parents place few hours before his travel.

Coming back to my parents place, had problem with Bunty as she was missing him. She started crying talking to him on phone, or seeing him on skype. She is badly missing him. Again 2 weeks at parents place is bliss I say.


I Came back to office after 3 weeks. I am Still not in mood to work. Lots of work is pending. So much to do..

Mean while wait for more post on Bunty conversations. She has mastered the art of questioning. I am finding it difficult to answer. It keeps me wondering, how much her small brain works. J

Note: hoping to be regular by posting. Will take some time to catch up all the stories I missed.