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Book review-The Seeds of War: Mahabharata Series-Book Two

Book: The Seeds of War: Mahabharata Series-Book Two
Author: Ashok Banker
ISBN: 9381626863
ISBN-13: 9789381626863
Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: 2012-12
Publisher: Westland and Tranquebar Press
Number of Pages: 372
Language: English

Book description

The book readers of The Forest of Stories have been eagerly awaiting Book Two in the unfolding saga of the worlds greatest epic – from Indias epic storyteller, author of the internationally- acclaimed Ramayana and Krishna Coriolis series

The Seeds of War, Book Two in Ashok Bankers MBA series, introduces us to the elder protagonists of the epic, as well as some of the great loves and lusts, friendships and enmities, politics and self-sacrifice that will lay the seeds that will eventually fester and erupt into the mother of all wars. At first it may seem that the journey is the reward,with seemingly unrelated love stories, fantastical tales of exploits in the heavenly realms, divine pacts and demoniac trysts. But it soon becomes evident that all these form a tapestry revealing the grandeur and glamour of the Kuru Bharata race itself, the growing descendants of the original tribe that established perhaps the greatest and oldest human civilization ever known in recorded history. Their loves and enmities are epic, their stories astonishing, their personalities mercurial. Every page you turn reveals magical new thrills and wonders. As one larger-than-life personality after another strides onstage, the drama ratchets up to thriller level, the arrow swarms begin to fly and conflicts turn ugly as the author of the Ramayana Series once again proves himself the master of epics.


The seeds sown in the wombs of these queens of the Puru line could well yield a harvest of great heirs and descendants but they may also be the seeds of a less desirable outcome. be cautious in the extreme, mother, for I fear that they may be the seeds of war.

It is said that this is part of Mahabharata series; I didn’t read the first one. For me the book was an eye opener. I have read versions of Mahabharata, but never came across so many names. I loved the introduction chapter, where the author says, what made him write this MBA. Then he introduces family tree. In fact I wanted to draw the family tree, where the couple has kids, only one among them is noted and takes the tree to next generation.

In all in all, Kurukshetra is the only aim. The book begins with the story of Devayani and Kachcha and that of the rivalry between Sharmistha and Devayani thereafter which was to determine the course of events that led to the formation of the Puru race and the Yadu race in particular. Shantanu and Ganga are reborn on earth, as they are punished by Vasu’s.

In case you are reading Mahabharata for first times, don’t know much of the details, then this is the book, with a simple language, gives you’re the series of stories, interlinked, and best part is, it is not written with one character in main focuses, it is written in third persons view, which gives you an overall idea about the great epic. It is an eye opener for people who have already read Mahabharata , as it is compiled version of various other books, you get to know so many intricate details.

About the Author

Ashok Kumar Bankers internationally acclaimed Ramayana Series has been hailed by critics as a milestone (India Today) and a magnificently rendered labour of love (Outlook). It is arguably the most popular English-language retelling of the ancient Sanskrit epic. His work has been published in 56 countries, a dozen languages, several hundred reprint editions with over 1.1 million copies of his books currently in print.

With the Ramayana Series Banker embarked on a massively ambitious publishing project he calls the Epic India Library. Returning to the roots of the great ancient tales that have inspired countless authors and filmmakers, Banker sought to reclaim the original stories through a series of multi-volume re-tellings as well as original fiction and non-fiction. The Krishna Coriolis series, of which the first three books have been published, and the Mahabharata Series (of which this book is the second in an 18-volume series) are part of this project..

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Note: sorry blogadda, for first time I couldn’t finish the review on time due to various reasons. Thanks for bearing with me.



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