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unlocked the secrets to coconut’s

my day :

Everyday after my daughter gets up in the morning, my MIL apply’s coconut oil on her head. Only then she allows my daughter to do anything else, including showing her face to neighbors. oh you are asking about me?I am still against applying oil and going to work place. So I restrict myself from going out with oiled hair, even if i apply it in the night, I wash it before stepping out of the house.

food and occasion: 

when i was young, n the day starts only with the smell of coconut chutney made of all the breakfast. let it be idli, dosa, pongal or upma. how did i forget to mention the mouth watering dishes made of coconut, podi’s, coconout rice, masala, sweets..  if we need to do anything good, break the coconut to God’s idols at home. won or performed a good activity, eldest in the family would be waiting out the house with coconut and camphor on it, to take dristi- remove evil eye. ( oh yes u guessed it, i am from chennai)

old medicine: 

if i had cold , dad would heat camphor in coconut oil and apply it on nose and chest. we didnt use vapor rubs on kids . we used to apply coconut oil on all body parts, including private parts, as it would reduce the burning sensation of urinary infection. if we had cold or travelling, we drink coconut water. its a body temperature coolant, and good substitution for monotonous plain water.

After reading about the contest, I was more curious to know the benefits of coconut which I use almost every day. I need reasoning for everything, but I missed out knowing facts about the wonder-nut.So, after the research I found out lot more factors about wonder nut.


So now I understand the reasons behind the traditional use of coconut in my life.  Oil is applied on my hair by my mother as it conditions it,  leaves behind the dandruff , ensures good facial skin too. Yes, as the dandruff falls on face or neck while combing resulting in rashes.

My mother-in-law applies oil on Bunty, as it has antibacterial quality, which would keep her away from germs.

We once in a while cook specific dishes in coconut oil, say aviyal, not for its taste but to take care of the heart and cholesterol levels.

We cook with coconut, not only to enhance the taste of the food, but to add fiber, take care of the hormonal balances, resulting in good health, good body and good skin.

Now I realize that is the reason why we keep the mangalsutra on coconut, and bring it with us for the wedding. Its goodness and matched with the god’s blessing as we make it as a god during our puja, put it on top of kalash.

Long live the wonder-nut, which helped me to crack the secret of life.

this post is written for contest conducted by womensweb and parachute body lotion.



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      1. Yeah I know you did not post any personal pics. I meant to say that every family has fond memories of coconut oil and so it features in their family memory (just said it figuratively!) 🙂

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