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Youre a girl from the land of the Kamasutra. And everyone expects your love skills to comprise the acrobatic, the inventive, the superlative. You try, of course, to game- ly meet the baffling requirements of the men who walk in and out of your life. But how much can you really do, when your investments yield minimum returns and maximum weirdness? When your mothers words keep ringing in your head: You need at least five men to fulfil you, sweetie. Remember Draupadi?

From starry-eyed crushes to lustful longings, from Catholic convents to raucous nightclubs, from boarding-school bloomers to the Open Butterfly g-string, from lov- ers to stalkers to philanderers Radha Thomas takes you on a crazy ride through Mumbai, Delhi, Beijing, Rotorua and New York, in the age-old quest for The One. A wickedly funny and flirtatious book about that mysterious thing called love, Men on My Mind is a delicious mix of sex, adventure and discovery that you must not resist

When I started reading the book, I got reminded of Mohabatein movie.. strict boys educational institute, you need to cross so many hurdles if need to love or find a partner. Here it’s a girls school. Then there is a arrangement for interaction between the girls and boys school, with a couple dance organized once in a while.

This book talks about a girl from Mumbai , trying to find Mr.perfect from the early age of 7. She tries to get the knowledge from friends, ideas from M&Bs, tries to explore men of different cities, of all ages, sizes. She moves from one city to other, it’s a  crazy ride through Mumbai, Delhi, Beijing, Rotorua and New York. She dreams and starts her adventure ride from a school guy studying in neighboring school, BFF ‘s brothers, a rich urban guy who is father friend, a pianist, a poet, photographer , bar tenders etc. she tries them all only to realize they are no way near to her dream boy, as one squeaky voice, other is a pathetic kisser, one is angry.

She even manages to keep parallel tracks of boyfriends and share the experience with a best friend by her side always. Who wouldn’t like to share and boast her adventure with the men trying to impress her.

One of my favorite incidents is when she tries to take a hitch ride during school days; she gets excited seeing a car stop for her and friend. But when she sees her mother getting down the car..Another statement which I felt true is ,” women find their best friends or can bond with any other women with bothering about age, caste, profession, language etc etc is in restroom. They share their feeling, and gift emotional support to each other.” This has happened to me.


The book is hilarious, simple and takes through a girl’s life in phased manner. The character description is good. You feel that she meets only specimen characters in her life. It brings in thought that women don’t shy away from trying different men before getting the Mr.Right. I personally like this idea. Women being bold in experimenting, and framing the character. I wish, the character was described more strong than the flicked minded.

 About the Author

Radha Thomas was born in Tamil Nadu, grew up in Mumbai and Delhi and then left for the USA to pursue her dream of becoming a jazz singer. She has been a tour guide in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, sung jazz with renowned artists in New York, organized trade shows and exhibitions in China, owned and run a boutique on Long Island, and worked for an art publisher in New York. She returned to India after about twenty years and found work in a publishing company. She used to host a weekly jazz show on the radio and continues to sing jazz when the mood strikes. She is also a trained Dhrupad singer and currently works for Explocity Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru.

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