hi all

hey, i am very much there in vizag only.. thanks for the mails and concern.. at times it is sad to have friends in networking.. i had happily told told them about the contest i won in Indibloggers, they congratulated me and blocked WordPress in office.. :(..  still i am using proxy to read ur blogs, but just nt able to comment on them.. so guys, i am might shift  back to blogspot for sometime..  so do check in http://www.ashreyamom.blogspot.in/  too..

he he he, this time will never share the link with system admin.. :)..

by the way i won  consultation prize in the “shopperstop” contest and “soak no more “contest.. but when will i win the actual i-pad?? :P..


12 thoughts on “hi all

  1. So glad to learn all fine at your end. You are my inspiration to participate in Indiblogger contests AM. May your winning spree take you to bigger heights 🙂
    Will check out your blog on blogspot 🙂

  2. Awww!!! thats bad…this is the very reason that I do not share my blog address with collegaues. People can be very vindictive u know!!

    Hoping to see u regularly 🙂 move to blogspot.

  3. wowww… congrats on the winning am.. you are almost close to the ipad 🙂 just few more steps so keep trying..

    i have issues with commenting on blogspot at my work 😦

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