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my story- shave or crave


So, here is my story about, shaving, craving, loving, dancing and fighting. yes which can get me an ipad too.. :).

When I was 5 or 6 years old.. it was my b’day. Mom and dad were busy arranging everything for the party. Yes, those were the days when we didn’t have party decors.. everything from blowing of balloon, to cake for the b’day had to made at home.

Mom took extra efforts to wash my hair without making me cry. Dad ironed my new cloths, made me wear it. I was feeling like princess.

It was time for the party. All the guests started arriving. Photographer started calling for me to take my picture. Yes, the picture was taken in a background of the best bedsheet at home, held my two tall people across the wall. All my solo pictures with hand on chin,  holding my frock tip, holding hands together etc etc were taken. Then the photographer asked me to kiss mom and dad, and mom and dad kissing me together. I kissed my mom, but refused to kiss dad. Everybody was surprised. I love my dad more than anything in this world, but why was I not kissing him?

I took photos with everyone, except my dad. It hurt him, he craved for my attention, he craved for my tender kiss.

Dad: didn’t you like the cake we made?

Me: I loved it..

Dad: didn’t you like the dress we got you?

Me: I like it a lot..

Dad: wont you kiss me?

Me: noooooo

Dad: why dear? What did I do?

Me: you are pricking me with your stubble( I said hair, I didn’t know the stubble then)..

Dad got to know the secret to impress me again. He went inside the home, came back clean shaven. Then we started posing again for the photos, till the photographer got tired..


When I was in my high school, there was a super cute senior. Yes, you are right in guessing, I had crush on him. I wrote poems for me, would keep staring at him shamelessly, whenever he crosses my classroom.

Slowly, I don’t know how, the news reached his year. I was lucky as he reciprocated. I wanted to tell him, and show everyone that I had a good looking boy friend, but again the unkept hair and stubble were the problem.

I wanted him next to me, but yet the stubble kept me away from him. I wanted to tell him, but the newly bloomed loved would be crushed. The fight between heart and brain was un-solvable.

I went to school library during the lunch time. Went to the magazine section, cut the photos of girl kissing a boy- on cheeks-when boy is clean shaven.  That’s the advantage going in lunch time, as librarian was busy having lunch.  Then neatly stuck them on a book, and passed it on to him.

Lucky me, was successful in passing on the message to shave. Introduced him to my other friends. And left him craving for the kiss.. poor guy shaved and craved too.. J


I got married. Not to the same crush guy, but to someone whom my parents chose.  We were like the platinum ring advertisement.. till we lost each other in the train, we didn’t realize the love for each other. Now that we found out the love, still something was stopping me from going to him.

Poor guy tried all his luck to impress me. I was that superduper girl, not interested in impressing him or getting impressed. He was nice, good looking, charming and everything. But getting near to each other was a problem for us.

Slowly he started thinking that I don’t love him anymore. He stopped staring at me. he stopped coming home early or taking me out. I was the spoiler and culprit. He started growing his beard. Its was a stubble, but long pricky hair he had grown on his face.

I was upset. I realized that I created this misfortune. I wanted the attention. I craved for him, more than he wanting me. I made plans to rectify. But me going to him with lust was not the solution. I wanted him too to reciprocate and crave the way I craved for him.

I pulled him by his tie after he came back from work. Took him inside the bathroom. I made him, sit inside the bathtub. I sat on him. I blind folded him by tie. I stared applying shaving cream on his face.. shaved one side and left him there at that. I came back to my bedroom.

Poor guy had to get rid of his other side hair and run towards bedroom carving..

Didn’t I succeed in making him crave for me also shave??

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