Thala, save my Mudi( Tamil)

Tell us your craziest, wackiest, wildest experimental idea to get Perfect Straight Hair and WIN exciting prizes!



There are so many ideas I am getting when the deadline is nearing.. J.  So let me tell you what I did a day to straighten my hair.

I kept my GATE exam textbooks on my hair before sleeping.. Remember I didn’t use them as pillow, I gave my hair for the book, as it need a pillow.

I got up in the morning, instead of brushing my teeth, I used my tooth brush to brush my hair.. but I was conscious to use only one directing..  Then used tough cleans to straighten up few strands which were going here and there..

Then when for bath, washed my cloths.. instead of hanging my cloths on the rope, I pulled up my hair, put clips and let my hair hang up to straighten them.

Mom called me to have breakfast.. she made curly idiyappam. Which made me upset, so broke it down and made it look like straight strands on plate..  I hope looking at straight idiyappam would make my hair straight.


I took my dog for walk. But its tail was curled. So I tied to reverse tie my hair and its tail. So it pulled in one direction, I pulled it back in another direction, hoping to straighten my hair.


Then I my daughter started crying for no reason, I didn’t know what to do, I pulled my hair with my hands to make her stop crying.. but she came to me started pulling my hair, I was bearing the pain, thinking that it would straighten my hair.

I asked my boss to give me lift in his car, when I he started driving, I put my head down, put my hair under the wheels, every time the wheel rotated, my hair was under it, hoped it would straighten my hair.

car window

Then my boss asked my draw a drawing.. it was a large one. So put my hair under the mouse pad while drafting, hoping it would straighten my hair.

Then, I had to go to the construction site. The JCB’s were on the way, I tried to put my hair, but was conscious if it would hurt my head too.. so dropped the idea..


Thought would use the super- plasticizers and reinforcement rods, make a set up to straighten my hair. But how would I remove the set cement thought stopped me.


I was damn tired, wanted to take rest badly. Instead on sleeping on site office desk, I climbed the tree, slept like a bat. Hoping that , it would help me to straighten my hair.


My boss came, saw me sleeping. He got wild, started shouting. Hearing so many decibels of noise at once, made my hair go straight.. I cried, not because he scolded me, but in happiness that my hair went straight. Though it was not straight down, my hair was straight up.

Shocked oman with long black hair

Yes, anything which is not straight, its only the BOSS who can make it straight. J.


Note: when BOSS can become fair, cant he make  my hair straight??


Thala, save my Mudi.. J.

This post has been submitted for  The Straight Hair Experiment Contest sponsored by Sunsilk on Indiblogger.

10 thoughts on “Thala, save my Mudi( Tamil)

  1. heheheheheheheheheheheheehe

    The mouse being used to straighten and JCBs !!!! You are hilarious and creative AM!
    all the best 🙂 For the contest and straight hair. Why don’t you try a parlour? 😛

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