‘Haunting past – my entry to the GetPublished contest’’

The Idea

In any love story, there are three people. A hero, a heroine and a villain. Most of the times, the villain is either the parents or a third lover. But let me present you a story, where the main protagonist is the antagonist. Yes, it can happen, where you can spoil your own life. In this story, Ashreya falls in love with Arvind. Distance relation works quite wells for them, until both of them decide to meet in a different country. Ashreya calls off her wedding with Arvind. There is no other girl in Arvind’d life, yet what is that stopping Ashreya from loving Arvind anymore.  

What Makes This Story ‘Real’

it’s a story of my best friend, where I was there seeing everything happening in her, staying in the same room,  made me see her laugh, cry and die and live her life. It taught me a great lesson on love and life, hope you too will enjoy getting to know what really happened.


Ashreya a classical dancer, AIEEE topper gets admission in one of the state’s best college thought she got into IIT in different state. The only reason being, dance and her present guru. She was part of the dance troop and active member in Mathematical club. That is when she met Arvind, a senior from different department. Both of them get elected as the president and secretary for the club. In the process of conducting an a national level event, Ashreya falls in love with Arvind. Ashreya plans her moves and wants to propose Arvind. Arvind, listens to her proposal, bluntly rejects her love.

After a day her proposes her back. Both of them convince their parents. Arvind goes abroad to do his MS. Mean while Ashreya gets placed in dream company, moves out of the city. Mean while, both set of parents perform engagement ceremony, and plan for the wedding in kids absence. The act is planned to surprise their kids. But they are in shock state when Ashreya calls of the relation after returning from U.S . she had gone there is meet her love. But what happened there to call off the relation after 5 years?


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“This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.”


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