Just not one festival, but many more..


I don’t want to miss this number 5. Yes who would not like buying or wearing 5 sets of dress for any festival?  So I have picked up 5 festivals and the apparels and accessories to match them and the theme.



I selected this dress because of its richness in colour gold. Gold and black always make a good pair. Adding a pinch of red  makes it super grand. Because of the heavy neck line, I chose a simple neck set. A a nail polish, lipstick and watch matching with colour of the dress to add on the beauty.  a sandal contrasting to the pants and matching to the dress border. An grand way to express and celebrate Bakrid.


Christmas fun:


A simple earring, a classy watch, matching wallet and show. Here I don’t prefer a eye makeup, but wear goggles and touch-up my lips with a glossy lipstick . Trendy attire for Christmas.


New-year eve:


Here  I would like to dress up little casual , yet stylish. A black and while is always a style statement. Matching accessories to go with it. A nice to heals to go with the dress . smoky eyes with powdered kohl and Nude lipstick.


Pongal :


A south Indian festival. Nothing but just a bright saree would make me look elegant. Yellow and red with gold, a traditional combination. But the design makes it trendy to match the current style. A little gaurdy watch, and stylish handbag to with the attire. Here I have not chosen the necklace, b’cas of the blouse design which itself adding beauty .


Republic day:


A national celebration.  I would like to dress up in simplicity and purity. White is the colour for the day. To add interesting feature to the dress, I chose a bright blue bag to go with it, breaking the monotony. A prominent eyes and lips would make me look bright with the white dress.


I enjoyed more and more going through the website and available cloths. Intend of the contest bu the organizer is successful; they have made to choose many cloths for purchase. Would buy them when I win the contest, using the vouchers.. J.

This post has been written for the contest ‘The perfect festive look’ on IndiBlogger sponsored by Shoppers Stop. If you have liked this post, do vote for it here.


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