Diwali updates.

I was so scared that, Bunty might get scared of these loud sounds of bursting crackers, but she proved me wrong. Yes, my little one enjoyed cracker. She was ready to hold the sparklers and wanted more and more.  She finished all our crackers, raided my neighbors’ house and finished their sparklers and match boxes too.  What can I do with such a kid, who bosses around neighbors’ houses too?

We went downstairs with other people in apartment. Bunty wanted other crackers too. I had tough time holding her and not letting her go near the 100 wala’s and flowerpot.  Bunty thinks that she can play with them too. Smart one she is, she doesn’t cry even if the sparkler’s particle fall on her. She just leaves it on my hand or drops it down without fuss. But she is scared of diyas. If we keep them near the entrance, she is scared to cross the doorway. End of the day, she got used to them too, and started blowing them down like candles, clapping her hands and saying happy.. ( yes she was trying to sing happy b’day, but she has not got b’day word to pronounce).

Regarding expressions of Bunty, she was all excited to see light and sparks and sounds. Unlike other kids in apartment, she enjoyed and helped us enjoy without crying.

Note to self: buy more crackers.  Or else Bunty is going to burn you.. J.

As I promised here are the pictures.


48 thoughts on “Diwali updates.

  1. You both look so pretty in the pictures 🙂
    Bunty is sure very brave, Pari was very scared of the crackers this Diwali.
    Tight hugs to the two gorgeous princesses 🙂

  2. mother and daughter both look pretty pretty 🙂
    Yes, next year you better be prepared with a huge bunch of crackers 😉
    I love the light smile playing on her lips in the last pic…..hugs to this cute baby!!

  3. A beautiful post. Transported me to my childhood days of Kali Pujo ( that is what it is called in Bengali!) and the memory I carry of how my mother taught me to hold a sparkler without getting scared. Thank you.


  4. Awww! she looks so cute here!!!! Even I was worried about my son on same account and like her he too took it in his stride.

  5. excelllentttttttttt 🙂
    she is adorable and seems to be enjoyingg.. Wait till I meet her I will teach her how to burst the BIGGEST of the crackers and put all other boys to shame .. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    he he he he 🙂

  6. She is a brave kid 🙂 And so cute of her.. She tries to say “Happy B’day” 🙂 .. Glad to hear that you had a great time with her enjoying crackers so much.. The pictures are really nice 🙂 Hugs to her.. She is very cute 🙂

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