Car tales..

I have already told you about my car driving na.. Finally for past few months I am driving everyday to office. But I always had Ms.Young accompanying me. but this week she is out of town and I am driving all alone. Driving alone is making me scary. I always felt if she was next to me, she would tell me what is coming from left. While parking and taking the car out she would be there to tell me what’s there.  But missing a person for just to improve driving skills is bad, but what to do??

So I drove successfully, but the last day, today became a mess. I was in a rush to cross an important signal, and hit a car in the process. I mean, bumped on it. I knew I was going close, in the panic state, I put my leg on accelerator instead of brake. But luckily some cells in my brain worked, I put handbreak instantaneously.  Luckily nothing happened to Honda CRV which was in front of me. just few paints marks went missing. Luckily the driver and owner came out, saw me in almost crying state, just asked me to be careful and left. Yes, they left without making a fight or asking for money. No scene was created. So, I missed the signal, waited next to his car for the signal to get cleared.. The driver,( honda’s) signaled the driver on my left side to lift my bumper which was hanging half down hitting on wheels. That guy helped me, smile at me and asked me to be calm. He suggested that I cross that signal, and take help of autowala in the stand and get the bumper tied with rope.  I just followed his instruction. Went there, spoke to the traffic constable standing there, got the bumper tied up. Yes, still people around us help us in need. Strangers can become your friends too.

Finally managed to drive till the car service centre which is near my office, but throughout the 10 kms journey my heart beat rate was high. Gave the car, and asked the service people to drop me at office. I am here typing, but still scared. What would have happened if I didn’t pull up the hand break. Or if there was a big fight or if the damage was more??

One of my colleagues told me, “accidents happen only when you think you have mastered driving or the confidence increases.”. I felt it is so true. Just today I felt, yes I can drive and this incident has shaken me.

Hope I drive back safely.

24 thoughts on “Car tales..

  1. These small accidents are big learning experiences! have faith, you’ll be fine!
    Glad that the CRV guy was nice and understood your already panicky state and didnt create any scene!
    Happy driving! 🙂

  2. I am sure there would be hardly anyone who would have not done any mistake sometime during their driving history. Glad that there were no one hurt or any major damage. Just relax and keep driving.

  3. All of us have our share of accidents, so don’t worry. It is a part of the whole experience. Don’t try to jump a signal and keep a safe distance from all the cars. You will be fine. 🙂

  4. Hey AM ! 🙂

    I can understand how it must be. Don’t worry. It will take a few rounds of safe driving to get this dear out. But my advice: Do not stop driving because the fear will accumulate in your heart and make you more cautious. Just be safe, slow and keep a good distance. And remember: everyone on the road other than you doesn’t know how to drive, so you have to be careful (the best driving advice my father gave me). And presto! You will be fine.

    And yes, a prayer before you leave is a big big necessity 🙂

  5. Hey, you’ll be just fine.. I have not yet gotten confidence in driving without somebody sitting besides me.. Just be a little careful .. look around and drive slow.. Good luck! 🙂 .. and good to hear that you got people around to help you out.. and thanks to God that your instinct worked at the right time 🙂

  6. this is bound to happen for any new self driver.. no worries.. you will be absolutely fine… I have been thru’ this in my college days and can relate to your fear.. this too shall pass and you will be driving miles and miles and miles in future 🙂 stay strong.. have a good weekend..

  7. You will be fine..

    in my training i was told to be safe , TAKE YOUR TIME.. speeding and rushing makes a maximum of 2 -3 minutes difference.. so SLOW it down .. if someone is in rush let them overtake you and go ..

    and when you are slow , you will be calm otherwise in rushing , blood is pumping and we get aggressive .. os thats the mantra SLOW it down 🙂

    take care all the best

    you are good , I bought my car, took it out of garage and within 50 metres of buying it I bumped it 🙂

    1. yes, will remember to be SLOW, it makes the difference. hmmm u bumped ur new car?? i feel so happy buying a secondhand car , dont worry much about the dents made while taking reverse.. 🙂

  8. Don’t worry. When you start driving, a small accident is perhaps a warning to be more careful. It was really lucky that nothing major happened. Don’t let it affect your confidence. Just be a little careful and remember to keep the distance between cars at a safe level. You will drive back safely. All the best and a hug.

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