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Badhai ho Badhai..

do u remember my post on pen drive?? the gifting experience that drove me crazy? i won i won.. not first or second, but third. but who can resist a gift voucher worth rs.1250.

i just realized giving too much of choice is also a prob. after you enter the site, you have to select the place. as i am not staying in a metro, the options i have are less.

the options were,

now talking about  pantaloons, i still dont know where it is in my city. but the site is so nice that it also gives you map location, validity date, number of voucher i can take in multiples of 200,500 etc.

i thought taking big bazzar voucher will be ok, but it is limited to only future bazzar, so ic an buy soaps or detergents or cloths, but have to buy kitchen  appliances or electric appliance. which i am not in need of. the onces i need are way too expensive, this amount will too less.

yebhi– i like this one. i can buy a bag or dress or jewellery from it.  he he i have an EMI option. yes they are smart people who can make us take such loans. but again, now i dont know what i want. if i need a dress for Diwali, it might not reach me on time now.

snapdeal- i have no idea how it functions. once i bought some thing for rs.75. didnt receive the coupon as MSG or mail . so rejected.

titan- yes i have craze for fast track. but not sure if witht his coupon i can buy fast track.  but i have enough number of watches, guess will be killed if i buy one now.

inkfruit- i found all dresses to be way to expensive. not sure if its worth so much cost.

tanishq- he he he rs.1250 ?? what will i get there. not even a small nosepin with the gold rates now.

flipkart- this is great site. it has come to my rescue many a times. may be books for me and bunty would be great idea. there are lot more things available now. so need to check out.

travel guru- not tried this one till now. so need to go through there website. i am sure this small amount might not give me anything unles i put in some more. not in a idea of trips with little bunty.

titan eye+- i think its something do with specs. i dont need one right now. normally also they come with good deals.

unamis- this was new link for me. didnt enjoy much. as i have seen yebhi or mytra gives more collections relatively.

viloetbag- yet another new site. so, it would be experiment to buy from it.

hushbabies.- had a bad experience with them. ordered for something, didnt get it. still not got the money also refunded. they dont even announce the stock it not there until you call them and ask about the order status. money got debited from my account, they say they didnt get it. recalling for few more days, they they have got it, but finance dept had not updated the account. so no no to hushbabies.

now i am sure you must be thinking that i have gone mad no choosing something. but what do i choose when i dont have a requirement now?  but lucky,t he voucher is valid for one more year. so, i can think and wait till last minute to buy. may be in this long time, they might add many brands which are there for other cities like Kaya, where i can go and pamper myself. :D. or at least last minute, i can donate. yes there are 3 NGO’s tied up with Badhai. something which came in free, can always go for charity.

so wish me all the best. let me put in the prize for best use.
P.S- i am loving wining such contests. hope to get more prizes. :D.  and loving the site Badhai. which of course gives me time to get out of confusion on gifting and receiving.



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31 thoughts on “Badhai ho Badhai..

  1. Congratulations!! You have a lot of options to buy from, but will vouch for Flipkart and Snapdeal. Though Snapdeal spoils the look of the books by pasting stickers on the spine!
    Happy shopping! 🙂

  2. Aha! What a superb Diwali gift, A! Congratulations for winning the contest. I am sure you will put the money to its best use. After all, I am but a ping away. 😀

  3. Congratulations AM….you are on a winning spree 😀 😀

    May you win many more prizes 🙂

    as far choosing what to buy, the easiest way to go is the sites you trust and have used before. I would recommend Flipkart and Snapdeal over others 🙂

    Whatever you buy, put pics for us 😀

    1. For Snapdeal, besides the coupons you can also shop regularly like you do on Flipkart and it has lower prices for many products as compared to other sites (including Flipkart) with great delivery services.

  4. Congratulations AM….badhai ho badhai 😉

    You can choose Flipkart re…there sell so many things apart from books 🙂

    I loved your line of thought – if something comes free, you can always give it away..

    1. i know i know.. so tell me which book you, will send u across if i take flip-kart vouchers.. 🙂 then after reading, you can send it back with many other books u posses.. :). hw is the deal?? 😀

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