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‘Motherhood: A Song For Life’

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Yes , I cant agree more with this video. It just depicts my feeling as a mother, the confusion when I got pregnant, the excitement of child birth and exhaustion while coping up with work and kid.

So, how to I describe my song? I don’t even know to sing. So, what do I do? I go and see people sing, learning to sing. I take tips from them on singing. The only mistake I do here is not asking the teacher about singing.

This explains my state when I decided to become pregnant, I browsed, spoke to people who were pregnant all that, but never talked about it to my mother or doctor for that matter. The reason was as silly as, pregnancy is equal to sex had before. Just couldn’t take out this equation from my mind, which was the first obstruction stopping me to learning singing properly.

Ok well, I got pregnant. Which came in as shock. Yes I wanted to become pregnant, but I didn’t want the news to break the very next month. ( I am spoiled seeing the drama in movies). There was no surprise or preparation, just shouted the news to hubby who was standing out the bathroom door. ( now I think how much surprising I could have made the announcement) .

Singing begins. Whenever I go off the tune, people where there to guide me. there is an arangrethram . ( the first dance/song performance on stage). Later the test day was announced.

Pregnancy continued, the formal announcement to neighbors and relatives was performed as function called seemantham. People where there to guide me on what to eat, how to be , what not to do etc etc. we all waited for the THE DAY to arrive.

I thought I had mastered the art of singing. But only to realize that whatever I learnt had no correlation to what the surrounding is, like how professional work is different from what is learnt is college.

I prepared my own notes for the song. I sat and framed my own tunes. Right or wrong was secondary, me able to adapt to the new tune was essential.

Child birth and breast feeding , hmmm what to I say, it’s part of motherhood, but even with the knowledge of the 7 swaras, it is still difficult to bring out the right combination to bring up kids or tackle them.

Mastering one form of music is just not enough. We need to change according to our only and only growing audience. We need to entertain according to the mood.

By the time I mastered one way of music, my daughter would want me to sing a contemporary songs . when I was settled with comfortable feeding, leaving her with in-laws and joining back work, she demanded that I feed her all night. I know I was away all day, but had to compensate in night. And now I am trying new ways to stop breast feeding her.

She is 16 months old now, but she knows how to make me sing. She decides the tunes for me, lyrics for me. I know she will demand more when she grows up, I need to grow with her. I need to know the notations to keep track of her vaccination and medical needs, sing in melody of her academic curriculum, be rhythmic with her games.

I am not sure if ever I will be ready to give a concert in spite of so many years of singing. When I can still find faults with my mother after so many years, I am sure even my daughter would never accept me as a perfect singer.

Dear bunty,

Let me tell you my dear baby, I am new to this motherhood, feel always new to it with your changing demand, I would be careful in bring you up again this evil filled society, stay in tune with you and explore the joy of parenthood. But promise me that you will sing along with me, make me enjoy my singing. We are not bothered about other audience, as long as we feel we are singing right song and music.

Loving amma,

“Singing the song of life”

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16 thoughts on “‘Motherhood: A Song For Life’

  1. I liked how you balanced both the facets, singing and motherhood…so innovative AM 🙂

    Best luck for the contest!!

    So what raagas are you learning now 😀

  2. Good one AM. the real song of life with the glitches… 🙂 so you were really afraid to talk to mom because of the sex involved 😀 All the best for the contest.

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