World is so small..

Most of us in this blogging world keep our identities unknown( for various reasons). But the beauty of it unveils when we see the known blogger and you have a real common friend .

I was just checking the indiblogger meet pics in facebook. There was only one person whom I could recognize as she has her photo put up on her blog. Out of curiosity I click on the tag and went to her profile page. And viola we had mutual friend there. Wow, so she is someone whom I could have met in my past years is my feeling now. She might have heard about me as a conversation with the real friend?. Or from now on she will know me more?..

It’s a mixed feeling with excitement. Now I have to track back the link of the friendship. The mutual friend is my junior. So have to know if the blog friend is from my place, my school, or my organization?? doesn’t it feel like an hunt to find the secret link??

I am just waiting for the blog friend to accept my friend request and know her part of story..

And today happens to be AsH ‘s B’day.. many many more happy returns of the day. J. and tomorrow is my darling SRK’s..

21 thoughts on “World is so small..

  1. Well I guess everyone knows me now since I did not know the beauty of being anonymous , with the recent few incidents that I have had I would have preferred being anonymous for sure ..

    and yes world is a small place for sure ..

    A very happy birthday to ASH 🙂

    and Now I read comment on the PS :- first of all thank you so much for that 🙂 yayyyyyyyyy and no problem aaaj se hi shuru kar dete hain celebrationsssssssssssss

    1. full month celebration?? not a bad idea..
      yes u missed it.. or else u would have only told ” arey its nt b’day”.. thank god it was M.E telling me that..:D

      yes, being anonymous is good at times.. 🙂

  2. yep…I once made a fren (online) and later it turned out that she was my colleague & we had even been neighbours some 7-8 years back. And to top it we even shared our b’days 😀

  3. Meeting a long lost friend or a person you share common friends with is definitely exciting. The first thing I do is find them on facebook 😛 I hope you have a good time 🙂

    And Happy Birthday Bikram 😀 Stay Blessed 😀

  4. Wow! now that sounds pretty exciting Am…do update us on what happened next in your quest of finding that blog friend 🙂

    P.S.- I thought I read somewhere Bikram’s b’day is on 11th of Nov. Though am not sure 😦 (Please erase the PS after reading it)

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