Pendrive that put me on guilt.

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“one gift shopping experience that drove you crazy?

This is an incident which I wanted to write for very long time. But always forgot. Thanks to Blogadda for making me remember the crazy incident and making me document it in form of post, and record it in my space.

It was already 25th of the month. Money had to be collected and gifts had to be bought. I was trying hard to concentrate on work. But somehow, the background thoughts were filled in party mood. This time, it was my boss birthday and best friends too. This excited me more. But I also had doubts in my mind, regarding my capability to host such a big party. We were expecting 40 people. The venue was fixed. The collections were in progress. Thank god, I didn’t take up the duty of going and collecting money from each staff. People dropped promptly by 25th, and gave in the money.

It was 27th, and I had not decided the menu. I was clueless on the amount to be spent on “snacks Vs gifts”.  I made my choice of making it 50-50 each. Which meant I had money only for cake and tea?  But I thought, I could save some money in gift and arrange at least some chips with it.

This meant I had to buy gift sooner. Going shopping in Bangalore traffic without a personal two wheeler was really tiresome. It was just not two gist I had to buy, but 5. 4+1(special gift). I was cursing the person who introduced this great idea of celebrating group b’day. i.e celebration of b’days of people of that month together on last working day of the month.  This month’s list included one young girl, one lady boss, one male manager, one helper. Though it was great idea, buying gift for all categories, according to their taste and more importantly within the budget was quite a task.

I was confident that the girl would like the handbags sold on commercial street platform, but didn’t know if the lady boss would like the funky stuff. Wanted to gift the managers a parker pen, but would the illiterate helper treasure it? So so many doubts. I literally took two days wandering on commercial street, garuda mall, chikpet ,central , Gandhi bazaar. But everything was in vain. The best thing is that, if I finalize on something, my friends wouldn’t agree on it.

It was already 30th, but everything was pending just because I had not bought the gifts. Only after the gifts are bought, the rest of the money could be used to buying cake. Thanks to bakery’s which were ready to give me cake on 5 hours notice, but that would restrict my choice of flavors.

I was almost on tears. Just then somebody gave this idea of gift vouchers. But again, that means I was giving people a limited choice. I had no time, had only two choices. I had to buy gift voucher from garuda mall, which was near by office. Which means, I could get either Westside voucher /shopper stop /fab india.  But again, was worried if everybody would like it. There were online offers. But it means more shipping time. Buy one get one offers didn’t work as we were supposed to buy only 5 gifts.

So I ended up buying pen-drives for all. Rest of the money was used to get cake, chips, tea and samosa. I did cost cutting by ordering just one cake instead of 5.

The party started. To my horror, one of the b’day  guy( the manager) had the same pendrive hung around his neck.  The cake cutting and snacks distribution went on well. Then the gift disturbing started. I handed over the packet to the office head. He weight it and said,” it looks small for a gift”. I just controlled my anger inside. He started calling everybody’s names. I was again shocked to hear my name in the list. The HR mockingly said, we wanted you to know the “pain of receiving the gift”. (Though it was uttered jokingly, it hurt me a lot). It made sense, for me the pendrive was a waste as I already had 3 with me, one of the same brand and colour. The gift didn’t make sense to the helper too. The manager already possessed one, and for others, pendrives were banned in office.  I did a mistake of just buying a gift, which was decided on haste, lack of time and patience. It was a bigger mistake as it involved everybody’s’ money for which I am answerable.

That is when I realized the importance of gifting right thing, to right person and right time too.

So people don’t make mistake like me, but check on this.

So people put in your best efforts for the right gift. This time the recipients are going to like it. No more of gift wastage or recycling, but its just enjoying the gift.

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PS. I was given pendrive, as that was my last day in that office.  I left the company for good, and with a good lesson on gifting.

44 thoughts on “Pendrive that put me on guilt.

  1. ofcourse you did silly mistake,,,, should remember at time of deciding that pd is banned in your offiice & what that helper can do with it.. it would be nicer if you have bought little fancy pd”s for each

    like for female’s :- teddy bear shaped,,
    for male”s Strong sturdy boddied pen derive

    othrwise nice experience…

    it happens
    wen ever it comes to your mind just smile n dnt feel guilt

  2. Good one AM.. something to learn from you 😛 All the best.

    Btw, I am following you but not getting any updates about new posts!!! 😦

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  4. Haha Good one 🙂
    You know what? A person gave me EVA deodrant as my wedding gift. Grrr..Can you beat that?
    The man really needs to understand the meaning of right gift at the right time 😛

  5. I always make it a point to get the right gift to the right person and most of the times feel that no gifts would go invain but reading your post I realise that gifts can be invain at times 🙂 Really great write :)I can very well imagine your situation in the post 🙂 and yeah it would have been one of the best lessons learnt for you :P.

  6. Hi Ashreyamom! I can understand how difficult it must have been to choose gifts for multiple people with varied interests..who said gifting is always fun 🙂

    You worked near Garuda mall? where where? curious, as I work close by too 🙂

  7. Hmmm.. buying gifts for a big group of people is always a difficult task. I am sure it must have been useful for at least a few people in the group 🙂
    All the best for the contest 🙂

  8. I was part of this drama at work as well…thank god I wasn’t alone in finding a gift.. I want to tell u that no matter what you choose..people will always have something to experience..good luck…

  9. Good luck with the contest am.. being responsible for other’s money makes us so nervous isn’t it? yes, I also always get confused with gifting these days which was so natural during college days.. 🙂

  10. Well that was quite a learning experience.
    Choosing customised gifts for a mixed group of people in a limited budget is indeed a very tricky situation.
    Good luck for the contest AM 🙂

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