Amma became Mummy..

Remember Kajols’ dialogue in KKKG??

she tell farida, that i have become Mom for ma.. ??

just facing it with Bunty trying to call me by my name ,amma and mummy.. she calls amma, thinks its wrong and calls again MUMMY .. blame rest of the family for confusing her…


I had trained her to call me Amma.. but others have introduced Mummy to her and also taught her my name.. so she comes to me, call Amma, then corrects herself and calls mummy, when i ask her again, she get confused and just calls me by pulling me around and not addressing anything.. now i am confused to how to react.. should i correct her??Β  or let her choose my name??

i think its all MIL training.. my daughter is not getting Nana-amma( father’s mother). she when ever Bunty calls Amma, she jumps and run pretending to be Amma.. what to do, she is the one with her throughout the day.. may be that’s why Bunty thinks Amma to be her grand-ma, and i became Mummy..

28 thoughts on “Amma became Mummy..

  1. Keep referring to yourself as “Amma’ whenever you talk to her and use Nanamma for the grandma. Slowly it will click. My son used to call me by the name my husband uses, and him by the name I called his Dad. I did not encourage it as cute or funny. Some people do that and the child picks that up. I insisted on correcting him each time and soon we were Amma and Acha to him. But since there was no older people around to contradict me, it was easier for me.

    1. yes shail not having elders interfering the way we want to bring up our child is a bliss.. yes i am trying to cal myself as amma and make her address me, and correct her when ever she calls me mummy..

  2. Hey A. Don’t worry I ‘m sure she will learn to call you Amma in next few months. She is a baby now and is really confused. Blame it on the language cos Amma and Nanaamma sound alike. Thankfully we have Paati in Tamil!

  3. I had this problem – in a form – daughter used to call both me and husband ‘Daddy’. How annoying was that πŸ™‚ I would correct her to ‘Amma’ , and slowly she caught on. Although, she did try to deliberately annoy me by calling me ‘Daddy’ – just before she turned 2. She would call me ‘daddy’ with a wicked look, and a giggle πŸ™‚ Evil kid, I have πŸ™‚

    1. yes i have started promting her Amma when ever she says Mummy.. let me wait for her to grow and understand the difference between me and MIL..

  4. She is kutty πŸ™‚
    let’s wait..who knows may be one day she calls you “Mom” and we all will wonder how..
    now this is a nicer way to make MIL feel good.. πŸ˜€

  5. I am with Zephyr’s idea.
    Though Bunty is too young but if you will repeat names with her whenever you are with her, in no time she’ll get it right. It’s the way I keep teaching my daughter to recognize birds with correct names, she makes mistakes but since we repeat it again and again she has slowly started getting it right πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    1. yes ME.. she is small to understand it.. i am going to try the game thing what Zepher said..
      nice, Pari has started telling birds names?? so sweet..

  6. It is the age for her to get confused… she is just learning πŸ™‚ be persistent in your efforts… I am sure she will realize soon that you are amma and your MIL naanamma πŸ™‚

    1. Yes lifesong.. Zepher has given a great idea to make it a game and teach her the names.. will try it out..
      yup its the age indeed.. she is just 15 months old na.. πŸ™‚

  7. I too remember amma telling me how I used to address everyone (esp my grandma) as amma excpet for my real amma. I think its the age. She has to go confused. You can gently tell her, that you are her amma and not mummy, I guess. Your MIL will also learn a lesson from this.

  8. How old is Bunty? You can gently tell her that you are her amma and your MIL is nanamma. Make it like a game and teach her. I remember my MIL doing this too, not for anything but to feel young πŸ˜€ But I had taught my son that she was pati and I was his amma and soon he changed the way he addressed me. I thought I had earned being Amma, don’t you think so too? He was a year and half then.

    1. Bunty is 15 months old Zephyr.. yes i will try this game thing.. she will enjoy and learn from it.. thanks for the idea patti.. :). yes yes, u have earned being amma for sure.. :).. i didnt think of this line , i mean trying to look young aspect.. this could be real reason too.. :D..

  9. Since she is quite young, she will get confused. Give her some time. I am sure she will call you amma and MIL naanamma when she grows up a bit πŸ™‚

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