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The extra soaking time..

There she was..

She was silently crying inside the womb, soaking in tears as she listened to her mother’s desire to have a son. She tried to impress her mom in every aspect she could. She grew up and soaked herself doing homework and extra studying to impress her dad. She silently worked hard to be away from abusers and managed to save herself from being a victim of sex abuse.

She struggled and struggled to prove herself to the world. She worked to soak herself in the pleasure of financial independence. But the work just gave her the money not the time. She longed for a company and got married. She wanted to be complete and be an example for the world soaked in desire of having a male child. She wanted to be a mother of girl. She did achieve her dream.  But now, she has no time.

Reason, cloths being given importance with food and shelter.( remember studying in school? Three important things- food, shelter and clothing) The world judging people by the cloths they wear.

What could she do? With her husband demanding the cloths to be chick and new, kid demanding the uniform to be bright and white and she wanting to look the best.

All the time , mornings and weekend goes scrubbing, bleaching, soaking, and re-soaking and washing.

Even while watching TV, her mind races after the different detergents and cloths soaked in the bathroom. Even after the hubby cursing for not using the washing machine which he gifted.

Then a day comes when her child gives an excuse of saying “DAAG ACHA HAIN” when she comes home mud clad uniform. She gets furious like any other mother and asks the kid to go a soak in the water like the advt. then the intelligent husband gets surf excel matte and announces “SOAK NO MORE dear”. And soak us no more in frustration of washing cloths.

The magic worked. Now she is relived of dirt, and time with extra bucket of water saved. Now she uses this extra soaking and waiting time for herself and family.

Now she gets up early as before, but she doesn’t SOAK any MORE, but do yoga for her health, on weekends, she plays with her kid or has a personal beauty pampering or marketing.

SOAK NO MORE = health + wealth + love.

This post is for the Indiblogger The Surf Excel Matic #SoakNoMore contest. SoakNoMore

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10 thoughts on “The extra soaking time..

  1. I don’t know why your blog post updates are not reaching me 😦 Was under assumption that you’ve not been writing so came here to check and see…there are so many unread posts 😦

    I’ll read them step by step 🙂

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