When your left hand is busy moving front and back, right hand trying to be kept straight and once in while moving left or right, left leg half in air, right leg trying to give different pressures, eyes moving left,right center, and head trying to be calculative, ear listening and mouth tight shut.

Still dint get it? I am talking about learning a four wheeler. I have been trying to following all the instructions given by the instructor, felt this is the toughest multitasking I am doing.

Let me explain,

Class1: just try to keep the steering in control. I practiced that one full class. And to keep the vehicle to one side of the road, left extreme.

Class 2: I learn, ABC or driving. No no its CBA.. clutch, break and accelerator. I try and start car with just half release of clutch, feel the engine gear up and move the car. It was quite a task. Every time i do,  the car used to stop. Then comes the gear. The instructor shows me the diagram and says first,2nd,3rd,4rth and reverse gear. I practice to move in 2nd gear.

But what is the mistake I do?? Guess??

Not pressing the clutch and trying to move the gear..

Class 3: I take the car on NH5, yes on a highway, and move the car in 2,3 and 4th gear. Yup, this increased my confidence.

Class4: now the twist of turning came. For someone who is thin with not much of strength on arms, try out to turn the mechanical steering, at sharp cuts. So I was taken around a park and made to just turn and turn. Turn left, right.. oh don’t for the indicator.

Class 4: now, it time for me to practice speed controlling. Only with accelerator , slow brake and just to move the car in first gear and clutch control .

Class5 : trying to drive with the footwear. Yes, first 4 classes were with bare foot on ABC.. but I had to Judges the pressure applied with footwear.

Class 6: here comes the reverse. The car moves in the direction you rotate the steering, its not mirror driving. It took time for me to understand the concept. So again in the park, move left and right and go straight back.

Class7: trying to make and 8. Yes, it was part of driving test to be taken, so again go to plan hockey ground and make an 8, and drive on the previous tire marks made.

Class8: repeat all the above classes.

Class9: her, I am asked to park the car in the basement of my apartment. I struggle. Move the car front, take reverse, and move front.

Class 10: practice reverse on a curved road and 8, as I was taking the driving test that day.

What happens, I go the RTO office. Show my LLR letter. They ask me to take a car standing there and give me the keys.

Now I try and recollect the instructions given by the instructor

Step1: adjust the car seat. Yes, I am short, so have to move the seat forward.

Step2: unlock the hand break

Step 3: start the car

Step 4: move the car only in first gear. As passing the test is more important than showing the speed skills

Step5: carefully use the indicators before turning

Step6: follow the 8 path, take the simplest entry , so coming out and turning is not a problem

Step7: carefully take the car into the inbuilt ditch with half clutch and accelerate more to bring out the car. Remember, that car is in 1st gear.

Step8: carefully turn the car. Stop, take reverse with right hand on window pane, head turning back, and take reverse. ( yes my car stops here. The reverse gear was not falling in its place. I don’t panic, but try again and succeed. I was driving really slow that, people didn’t notice my car stopping.

Step9: I bring the car back to the location and stop it.

Step10: report back to the traffic officer and he says, “PASS”.

That’s how I get my license.

Finally I bought a secondhand car. After  2 months of getting license, I drove to office today. Thanks to my colleague who was kind enough to accompany me on my first day to office, in my car.

I am like, yes I did it.. in spite of hitting the compound wall while taking reverse, stopping and trying to start car in middle of a big signal, not getting panicked with lorry fellow trying honk honk, missing two speed breakers.. Driving in Vizag rains..

Note: you may hear more stories on driving from now on..

Ps. I don’t even know to drive a two wheeler, my dad has a strong feeling that I don’t have road sense.

12 thoughts on “Multitasking..

  1. Congrats!! Your story gives me hope and inspiration! I too took driving lessons three years back but could never muster the courage to drive alone 😦 It was my new year resolution this year to teach myself to drive as well as my husband–its October already and I am nowhere close to doing that. But who knows–I might yet surprise myself in the two remaining months;-)

    1. yes dear.. the only rule which worked out for me is taking the FEAR out.. and as mine is 2nd hand car, i am nt bothered abt the scars and dents. and it was a necessity too. i went around the house for few days, then took a colleague with me to office for a weak, so he instructed me on driving. and now i take car to office daily but still cant park. hopefully by year end i will also be able to drive on crowded roads.
      all the best.. yes you never know u could become and expert driver in no time..

  2. congratulation on that and well done .. keep driving and the confidence will come ..

    but hey U put the car in first gear , take it to biting point and then put the hand break down so the car moves 🙂

    or maybe its that way in india, here in uk it is that way and if you do it before that its a straight fail .. I had to do my practical exam 3 times to pass .. as I kept doing stupid things like crossing my arms while turning the wheel , or putting my elbow on the window or not checking the front and the rear view mirrors every 10-15 seconds ..

  3. wow!! Congrats! It is no mean achivement my dear. I remember when I had bought a 2 wheeler got a license and all it still took me a month to take it out to office and then slowly-2 confidence was built 🙂

    Good luck & waiting to hear more stories from you 🙂

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