break ke baad.


hey all.. i am back after the small break.. let me confess, staying at mom’s place is like heaven. I didnt realize it till date. The only thing i did through out my stay was eating,sleeping and meeting people.


I started on Friday on Janamstmi. my neighbors dressed my daughter as Radha, here is the pic. I realized that my daughter is really found of jewellery, and she was reluctant to remove of the jewels and was just posing for more photos to be taken. has tough time removing them. let me tell you she has already broken most of my earrings and bead chains.

Train journey to Chennai:

Traveling with kid at night is a pain, 14 hours journey sharing the berth is another story. Bunty occupied all the place, i had to just mange on the edge without falling off. she got cranky in the middle of the night and wanted me take her for a walk in train. finallyΒ  managed to put her to sleep.

Week at mom’s place:

luckily MIL had to go for a wedding, so i went to my mother place on the same day. next day happened to be my parents anniversary. I had got a personalized photo book from Let me tell you, i really enjoy ordering in this site.

There was a exhibition going on, so i purchased 3 set of Jumka’s. Two new dresses. gave Bunty sugar candy( panji mittai). just trying to tell her, how i spent my childhood waiting for such exhibitions to come and eat candies and pop-corn, which other wise are not found in my town.

rest of the days went visiting other people and patch up driving class. I took bunty for swimming too. She didnt enjoy initially, she was scared of going into water, but towards the end she was not ready to come from pool. poor baby got so tired, that she sad on the pavement after 10 minutes in water, later started chasing the crows on the pavement.Β  she slept all day due to tiredness.

before i could wink, all the days went off, and had to come back . coming back was a big drama, so dont want spoil the jolly mood of the trip.

Return journey:

it was a day journey. which means more trouble. Bunty wanted to walk the full length of the train. she has also picked up new words from a girls gang in the train. she has learnt apple, banana and mango. i am proud if Bunty.. :).

21 thoughts on “break ke baad.

  1. She looks super cute πŸ™‚

    And I know what you re saying about the train journey. Two months back I had travelled to Jaipur and with Arnav sleeping with me I hardly had any space for myself. Sigh1!

    And there is no place like a mom’s place, trust me.

    And ur In laws & parents stay in same city? Tough luck re!

    1. nope re.. they stay 80kms away.. and MIL was out of station, so had all time to spend at mom’s place.. oh my god, i am no more saying it as my place.. :(..

  2. Bunty looks so adorable as Radha…I would have not let her go from my arms if I had held her πŸ™‚

    Parent’s place is bliss..glad that you had a good break.

  3. Having come back from Chennai only yesterday.. I know how it feels. Total bliss staying at parents place and then, coming back to miss it so much!

    Bunty looks super cute as Radha!! πŸ™‚

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