This conversation happened in canteen yesterday. I don’t know , how much of it is true, is it exaggeration or real understanding?.

H1: you are not supposed to discuss about the house matters, namely about wife or in-laws or parents in front of so many people in office. You can share it with small crowd in canteen, say 4 persons group but not in a common hall.

H2: what did I say? I said I like watching TV news channels, where as my wife like seeing only cartoons. I don’t see anything wrong.

H1: nothing is wrong, but you don’t understand how this would have effect when somebody tells this to your wife. It is not like your wife will misunderstand you; it is that she will think you tell everything in office.

And he quotes an example of some X meeting his wife and telling her the following statements like

  • Your hubby thinks that you are still a kid as you see only cartoon

  • Why don’t you let your husband see TV?

  • Really you like watching so many cartoons? Your husband was telling me the other day

  • Why don’t you change your behavior? You do not understand your husband.

H3: yes that is right, once a while u can discuss essential things with friends to confirm that you are on right track of marriage, and it is happening in everybody’s life. It is just comparing one’s life notes.

H2: whatever you say sir, I have learnt 3 lessons after marriage.

So now let me put it a pyar ka rules post marriage( it is his rules and thoughts)

  • Never be angry with ur wife. Don’t ever try to show someone else anger on her. Even if there is a fight, finish it off before going to bed.

  • Listen to her. I know she would like to share tiniest thing happened that day, listen and process than simply letting of through ears. Remember what is required if possible everything. You don’t know when you will be questioned on it.

  • Never say something is wrong in food. Never on phone, also never take back the lunch box unfinished. Give her time to realize and tell by herself about the fault in recipe and just nod your head.

Now girls go ahead and come out with comments. So is there any Pyar ka rules for women too??

24 thoughts on “Conversation.

  1. What life without fight hmmm 🙂 I think the fights bring spouses together so no rules as long as you understand what the other half wants.

    1. welcome to blog Sia, looks like hubby watching TV/Laptop even when wife is shouting is common in all house.. that looks like something worng with Male hormones.. 😛 or nerves.

  2. there is another view , where fights or arguments DO NOT exist then that marriage is not working either..

    Thats the whole fun of it arguing , making up , you get ot know more about your partner that way too.. TELL me one couple who has never fought or argued .. it is part of it all..

    and the rule is simple – treat each other as you want ot be treated simple 🙂

  3. Pyaar Ka Rules: – Any fight stems from your own/his own ego and insecurity; Do not keep score on who won which fights in which year; Any argument can be won by cooking him his favourite meal; Get a dog/pet – you can’t keep up any sadness in a house when there’s a beautiful animal around giving you unconditional love

    1. yes, truly said.. not keeping th track of who won when helps a lot.. cooking a favorite meal is one of the best solution which i have tried too..
      pets, depends if ur spouse rally likes, then might be a great way like u say.. :)..

    2. The pet idea, that’s funny! But now that I think about it, my hubby and I were growing a lil distant cuz of his job keeping him away all the time and I wanted a SMALL teacup purse dog…. we got a LAB. but shes the best thing ever and REALLY helps with him being gone.

      1. We also have a LAB! And when my husband used to sail (in the navy) all the time, our four legged child was the best company I could ever ask for.

          1. Mine sleeps on the bed too! And he sleeps in between us like a child,,,on his own pillows! Maybe you shouldn’t get a dog…definitely has an effect on the husband and wife not being able to cuddle cos the dog is always in between!!!

            1. Lol Lilly curdles with me while hes gone. But when hes home she sleeps either with my daughter or at the foot of the bed (with her own blanket) lol spoiled

  4. Put the toilet seat down….
    Another one of my BIGGEST my hubby does is poop before getting in the shower and then FORGETTING to flush??? How can you forget? Ugh

    And of course live by the happy wife =happy life 🙂

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