When there is a new girl in office,

there is new girl in office today. I feel both happy and sad. Happy that finally I got a company, but sadder as I am not the privileged only female in the office.  Ok, leaving aside my feelings, let me talk to what happened yesterday.

I need to name the new girl as something na, may be call her, Ms.young. yes she is 5 yrs younger to me. Do you see wrinkles on my face now?? Hmmm may be you will in someday. J.

Morning, my boss comes running inside the hall, we don’t have cabins, we believe in open hall working system. He announces that two people are joining the division. One of them is a female, so we need to make some quick arrangement. We need to create place for her, she is coming from our training school( yup rest all of us are direct recruitment).

Immediately, few boys were called, 3 peoples places were shifted. Yup, my place too was shifted. I understand that we need to accommodate her too, but why in such hurry. When I came I was not allowed a seat, waited for my table and computers to come. But, Ms.young has become a princess. Why because is young and unmarried or because she has the crown called training school candidate.

Whatever, all the set up disturbed. The highlight is that she has been given 15 days accommodation in guest house and is given transport facility too. Which I was not given that time. Yup that is the reason for me fuming. And she is been given vehicle to go and search for a house for herself, and is given permission to go out in office hours.

Someone in office rightly said, Ramayana and Mahabharata was also because of one woman, same is repeating now. For once, I did nothing but support the statement.

Isn’t my boss making me hate Ms.young for no reason? Whatever, I am angry on the system. Hope my mood changes over the weekend; I will be able to accept my new colleague.

Note: there were people who wanted the Ms.young to be seated in such a location that they can look at her from their place. Thank god that her looks were not disappointing thought it was not to our expectations built over a month’s time before her arrival.

19 thoughts on “When there is a new girl in office,

  1. Hi, coming over from Jas’ blog! Well, at the least, she provide you material for your blog for some time!! 😀
    Do drop in at my blog when you get a chance!

  2. LOL 😆 😆 I hope she is settling down and interacting better 🙂
    I guess your boss’s attitude towards her is showing some favoritism. Give her a chance. She may turn out to be a good friend 🙂 Keep us posted 🙂

  3. Oops. Do I see another epic boiling up? 🙂 Nah. I know you get worked up here on the blog and that gives us animated tales to relish but else, MS Young probably has you down as one of the sweetest people in office. Hai na, hai na? 😉

    1. still not able to form an opinion re.. she is good, but she is nt interacting with anyone.. she is showing some attitude.. let me hope it is all false and she proves me wrong on the opinion formed.. 🙂

  4. I have a similar story to tell, we were so barinwashed about this girl who was joining from europe, she is this and that and everyone made sure to be in the office when she was to join.. but as you said I was a tad bit disappointed .. Not my type he he he he he 🙂 HA HA HA HA HA HA …

  5. I do know the feeling..when i joined my office initially enjoyed all the attention..and the few ladies in my office they were always hyped about…and sometimes it felt just too much of a man,s world but the same office caters to a new generation of smart young things now…and with a band of ladies around.. the male gossip mongers seem a bit lost..and the grapevines subsided with men minding their own business…

  6. This kinda initial reaction is quite normal, but then people take some time to realize certain basic things in life. Experience is the best teacher. Just give it sometime and things will get to normal very soon 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    1. u r right DI.. its so happened in the weekend that i was the one searching new house for her and also give confidence to her parents that will take care of her in their absence.. 🙂

  7. Hmmmmm…chill!!! She is just another girl. Why work up so much over things that shouldn’t really matter? Don’t judge her kya pata she turns out to be a nice girl? And if she doesn’t we will all bitch about her in this space 😉

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