on cloud nine..

today morning i was waiting near a road junction for my colleague to come and pick me up.  sai, my neighbors son was walking towards me with him mom. he was going to his school. he shouted bye akka( sister).

i went towards him to give him a chocolate.

sai’s mom: she is not akka dear, she is bunty’s mom na.. so call her aunty

me:( fuming inside): yes, i am bunty’s mother..

sai: no no, i will call her akka only.

me: why???

sai: u dont look fat like my mom or wear sari na.. u dress up nicely all matching ,matching..

sai’s mom: confused..

i started laughing loud.. gave him another chocolate.. :)..

note: he thinks that all mom’s or aunties must be fat, wear saree and look not so dressed up. yes, the kid surely needs to change his thinking.. but i liked his innocence..

13 thoughts on “on cloud nine..

  1. As a child, I believed moms must be fat only.. as majority of my class friends moms were fat.. my mom being thin.. I used to fight with her to get fat 😀

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