bunty talks

bunty was playing with my phone. she dropped it as usual. this time instead of crying, she tried to remove the battery and successfully removed the sim card too.

me: ohi, what are you doing??

bunty: charging..

i am surprised, from where she has learnt the word and used it for mobile. she is grasping things..


while bunty is having food,

me neighbour: what are you eating bunty?

bunty: uppappu.. ( she means pappu, which is dal)

N: everyday you eat only pappu??

bunty: nods here head left and right saying no , and changes the food as kakka( that is what she is taught for Non-veg food).

again she has become manipulative. she doesn’t want others to comment on her food.  god knows from where she is getting these qualities.


i am successful in teaching bunty to say rather the actions for good morning,evening, shaking hands. she says thanks you too.. 🙂

she can identity nose, lips and eyes.  lot more to go.. she has learnt to show the things what she wants. she will show her sipper when she is thirty and feeding bottle when she is hungry. that is a good sign indeed.


now coming to the complaints about her,

she like to wear chappals,sandals and any footwear. but the bad part is she will want to wear everybody’s in the lobby. she will eventually push the shoe rack, ( i am scared that it will fall on her) and will try everything . she will search of the correct pair and will walk inside the house too with it. then i will have to take it back, ask my neighbors if it is theirs and arrange everybody’s shoe-rack. :(.

she already has four pairs for her, but still not satisfied like amma( me me me.. :))

she generally does her susu or potty in one corner of the house. she is scared to use potty seat, so we let her go, as she doesn’t do any where else. even if she is in my neighbors house, she would come back home and do it, or else she would do it the entrance lobby. but now a days she is purposefully doing it one me. today she did it on me at 8.45am. that means no time to change. hence rush to office with same cloths, smelling susu. hope ppl dont think it did it.. 😦


did i tell you?

bunty wanted dog. she saw a dog on road and wanted it. so, what did i do, bought her a toy. so, now she is playing with it and wants to take it for a walk like my neighbors do.. 🙂