God save me and world around !!!

It’s raining.. Yes, I love rain when it is a holiday; I am at home and not going out. But today, I do not like it. I have to come to office, unfortunately chose to wear white cloths. I have to walk cautiously so that, no car splashes the water on me.  I forgot to take umbrella too today. God save me !!!


It was so unfortunate to hear about the train accident in the morning. . It happened near my native place. My brother-in-law was supposed to travel in it, but luckily went on in other train as per his old schedule. Still that fear “if he had traveled” is so scary. Nobody to blame, but it just happened.


I got some rashes 3 days ago. Didn’t know the cause. Went to doctor, he too couldn’t find out. I told you na, my BIL was here for the weekend, he found out small insects on the window AC. It was tiny as dots, and whenever we switched on the AC, it would fall directly on to the bed. Hence we found out the reason. These small insects generally come for hens droppings. After opening the windows we realized that few pigeons come and sit and shit on the AC unit. These insects have come for them. So from yesterday we have been sleeping on living room floor.


today everybody in office went to particular table, and were laughing so loudly looking the monitor.  this is not the first time this is happening. they are not ready to include me to the group. their discussion continued and one person kept on checking my reactions and wanted to ensure that i am not listening to it. arey its office, they are discussing in loud voice, and i am not so dumb also. i could understand that they were seeing some colleague’s half dressed photos. they had been to beach on Saturday and had fun. intelligent them, they didnt even know that i can see the monitor’s refection on the window behind.  best part is they calling it as boy’s talk and excluding me from the conversation.. i just wanted tot ell them, ” grow up bachu”..  i am not the one who is going to feel bad for it, or react..

10 thoughts on “God save me and world around !!!

  1. lol @ the rain plight. I am like you on this, love rains but only when I am sitting at home to enjoy it otherwise it is a pain!

    Men are strange creatures, they feel they are hiding the biggest secret on this earth jabki reality is soemthing else 😀 Enjoy their ignorance 😉

    Hope your rashes are better but good na that at least you know the source!

    And yes the train incident was horrible! Thank God that your BIL wasn’t travelling in it.

  2. I hate rains on a working day too…. makes me feel dull and go back home so I can just get myself warm and sleep for sometime 😛

    I was so shocked hearing of the accident too.. the fact that we came back Bangalore only yest morning and to hear a news of accident isn’t so good. Its just scary!

    You too got suspicious rashes… 😛 good you found the reason soon… Even I found out how I got that big rash under my chin.. its the syrup of the raw mango that has led my skin boiling 😦

    Office gossips.. I just hate them!

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