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bunty’s hair story !!!

I am yet to do “mottai-aditul”(head shaving) ceremony for my daughter. Yes, getting rid of birth hair is big affair in south-India. There is specific age and time to do it. You can do the act either in 7th,9th or 11th month of baby or else do it only after completing  2 years, in between you cant. By chance, if you expecting second baby, then it is advised to do this ceremony for both the kids together, means wait for another year.

I couldn’t do this for my daughter, as it was peak summer. I didn’t prefer traveling all the way to my husband’s village, some 800 kms away from where I am staying, with frequent power cuts and no-toilets.

We realized that, my daughter’s hair started growing more after the 9th month. Now she is 14 months old, her hair is really unmanageable. Look at her pic when she was born, all most no hair, now it’s a dense forest.

first thing in the morning what we do is apply caster-oil on the center of the head. later followed by a ritualistic bath. we apply olive oil,then massage. then allow the oil to soak. then take besan, and give her a proper head bath.

Then, we give her the sambarni smoke for drying the hair.

now her hair has grown fast with proper care given, but became unmanageable for us. we need to really put so many clips for her, so that it doesnt fall on her face.

MIL is another person who wouldn’t give my daughter a head bath if it’s raining or if my child catches flu. Result, so much of sweating, my daughter got too many rashes inside. We didn’t notice as it was not seen from outside. She just keeps scratching her head. That is when I realized there is problem and noticed the rash.

Then, we tried so many things, nothing worked. We had to take her to the doctor and apply the prescribed medicine and took good care of the hair and that was the end of my(daughter’s) hair problem.

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