Satyamev Jayate- touch the un-touched.

I think the the show just aired things happening in the village and didn’t give the perspective of people living in suburbs.

In my native palce:

I don’t know if many of you have seen the untouchablity. I have seen it at my very tender age. I was not allowed to play with the maid’s daughter, as I can’t touch her. Or she can’t touch me. She was served food in separated plate and glass, it has to be washed by her and kept in a corner of the kitchen. I even remember asking my grandmother, when she can’t touch us, why do get work done by her. She is touching our things, and we are indirectly touching it.  Result, no answer. ( all this happened in my grandmother house)

I have also seen another telugu community, where they don’t touch their kids till they are few years old, the baby is taken care of by a lower caste person, all day and night. Somehow it is also a notion that all the mediocre jobs are done by lower caste person.


I mean, who created this, low high, caste etc. my understanding is, people were just grouped based on their occupation in olden times. That became even surname for many. But things gradually changed with time, people changed their occupation and standard of living. There were few communities/caste people, who were not very privileged and Govt, came up with this reservations. (Another biased system)


At my home:

Then I completely forgot about it. We lived in a gated township. Where everything was normal ( as in people didn’t talk about caste-ism openly. ) but, still the group moved with their own community, which I realized in later years. It was ok with my parents if I had food/moved around with my neighbor’s, who belong to different caste or religion.

But things drastically changed during my college admission. I got really angry, when someone in the name of reservation got a better seat in college, with lesser marks then me. That is when I questioned about this system.


I know the show talks about the caste, discrimination and lot more faced in the community, but it didn’t touch upon the undue privileges misused.  I am not saying anything wrong about the episode of SJ, but just adding on to it, things which I faced.

  •   I was not given a good college seat, even when I deserved, as I didn’t belong to certain caste.( yes it irritates, when you can’t pursue your dream just because of the caste)
  •  I was not allowed to attend some wedding, as they didn’t belong to my caste.( it was my maid’s wedding, as she belonged to lower caste.
  •  I was not allowed inside a particular religious place as I was not of a particular community.
  • Though I couldn’t afford so much fees during my college days, my parents had to struggle and pay, but someone who had both parents working, rich, paid half the amount as fees, as he/she belonged to reserved caste. ( is it not misusing the facility)
  • After finishing the college, where ever I went the first question I was asked is which caste I belonged to?* irritates me tot he core, when i don’t answer, they ask if i belonged to lower caste and that is why hesitant to speak it out*.
  •  Did any of face questions like, I thought you belong to certain caste, because of your complexion??
  •  Isn’t it unfair that, someone would get promotion a year before me, as he/she belonged to particular caste?

There are so many problems, whether you belong to so called upper caste or lower caste. Why all this/ why can’t we just be human, do our work and move on in life. But unfortunately, we fill the very first application with caste name, when the child is born. With few hours we put them into the circle. India will prosper only when we remove the caste from all the application we fill.

note: you may or may not agree with me.. it is just my views.