Bald and beautiful.


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here is my story……………

It was college first day. I was called up to the lecture hall which was next to my design studio( did I tell you, for architect, classroom’s are called as studios) . I went there trembling. It was the seniors room. Yes, they had called me to rag me.

Me: I was asked to come to this room

Senior: so?? Who asked.

Me: *thinking hard to recollect the face of the senior*. A senior

Senior: which senior?? He? She?? Who??

Me: *turned my head from one side to other, trying to scan the room. In the process, my hair bun fell detangled. *

Senior: wow.. look at her.* calls other seniors to look at my hair*

Me: what happened? Did I do something wrong??

Seniors: no no, it would have been our mistake, if we didn’t notice this beauty..

Me: *shocked, still blushing inside* what ??

Senior: meet me at 8pmin the night, in room no 103 in hostel.

Me:* nodding my head, came out of the lecture hall*. Thank you senior.

The class was over, I went back to hostel. I stayed in my room, still thinking why did the seniors call me?.

The hands in the clock moved from 6.30,7.00,7.30,7.45 and then 7.49 I entered the room.  What I saw was a full length mirror, lot of makeup things, clips, hair bands and my senior waiting there.She asked me to sit on a chair, and gave me a pencil and knife..

image courtesy

Senior: now sharpen the pencil.

Me: *surprised*, tries sharpening. It doesn’t follow a pattern, but making sure that i get a sharp nib.

Senior: every time you break the nib, you have to agree to my conditions.

Me: what are they??

Senior: you have to participate in the miss fresher  contest, then dress up to our taste.

 And, I couldn’t sharpen the pencil without breaking the lead, had to participate.

On trail basis, they tried so many styles on me. Different hairstyles. But they felt that I just looked good, with my long hair, left free.

Now it was my turn to take good care of my hair, I have quite an elaborate hair care routine. But my hair is so thick and annoying. I wash my hair every other day . I shampooed mostly just on the top of my head near the roots/scalp because that’s where most buildup lays. I condition the ends of my hair the most and I do this before shampooing to protect the ends. Applied henna mixed in tea decoction.  Grinded hibiscus leaves and flowers mixed with methi seeds and applied as pack. I wouldn’t let anyone touch my hair. Had separate towel for my hair, would not allow anyone to touch my pillow. Thought, that was a way for impurities to get into my hair. I would cover my hair where ever I went to protect it from dust.

One of my friends offered me an imported shampoo. I could feel tremendous difference. My hair had life. People said, I was the Rapunzel of the college. I got so many proposals, poems written about my hair.  I was all jubilant.

The competition day neared. Excitement and tension in me kept on increasing. I didn’t know what I am going to wear, till the eve of the competition.

It was 4.00 pm already. The dress was kept in front of me.

It was a beautiful yellow shirt with multicolor scarf. Just before I could go for dressing, my senior has sketched various hair styles on a paper. The other entire senior batch joined, they were discussing on which style to finalize on.  They did arrive at a style.  But my hair was long for that style. Without even asking me, my senior did a great thing.

image courtesy

 She cut my hair. When I realized it, I just turned back, the disaster happened. Because of me turning, she cut it in haphazard, and result, unmanageable hair. It was already 6.30, and with a short time, the show was supposed be aired live in college campus. Any amount of the hairspray or setting didn’t work.  Best part was, I am the show stopper.

The pressure built up.. The haircut disaster couldn’t be rectified. I very well knew that, there was also a segment called “best hair/hairstyle”. I was so damn confident that I would win.  I am not that very good looking, but I know I can carry off well. I took the situation on control. I went inside the dressing room again, looked at the mirror and I knew what to be done and did it.

image courtesy

 The music began; I covered my head with the scarf. The models (students) started walking on the ramp. I waited for my turn. I walked. There was a sudden wind, my scarf slid to my shoulders.  People around me gave a perplexed look. Rather shocked to the core.  Yes, I walked bald on the ramp. Within seconds, I saw people applauding me for my guts. People saw my exposed shiny scalp.

 image courtesy

I got extreme reactions…Some thought it was really cool, some laughed behind my back; some even thought I lost it.

After the first round, to my surprise, I was shortlisted for the finals. I was called on stage for question and answer.

Judge: what is this new hairstyle?

Me: yes it is a new style for me, doesn’t it suit me??

Judge: well, u look beautiful. I heard few people murmuring, that you had a great hair, what did you do it?

Me: *smile*, do u want to know the truth??

Judge: yes of course.

Me: I am planning to do three things with it, which I never thought of in my life till an hour ago.

Jude: proceed *nodding his head*

Me: I will keep it near my window, for the birds . yes, birds do make nest out of it. And then would give it to people who make wig and sell to cancer patients. Wig made out of hair, is long lasting and gives a natural look and increases their confidence.

And finally, I would give major part of it to DOVE. Yes, to the hair doctor. Would give them as a sample and wouldn’t mind giving them year after year to perform experiments and find the best solution for the hair problems.

 Judge: so, how will it help?

Me: that would solve many people, young, old, men women’s problem on hair. And that would be the end of mine and world’s hair problem…

End: what do you expect; I am just not the show stopper, but also the winner. I was crowned, “Miss.freasher” and, miss best “ hair- thinker”.

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18 thoughts on “Bald and beautiful.

  1. I know the real feel of being bald and still bold … even if ur story was ur thought….

    but bald are still handsome n beautiful….

    Its the way you carry urself….

    Nice post… I liked it…

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