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Perverts are more in conservative society. .

I have lived in metro city, B1 city. But now moving on to B2 city I am finding the difference. Metro life is so fast that, people are always busy minding their own work. At certain instances, only when both members (man and women) work, they can take care of the expenses. In that case, they don’t have time to peep into anybody’s life. The only weekends they get, people spend with family, kids or cleaning.  At least that is what I saw in “study city”. The cloths are trendy, you get most of them in throwaway price, whether it’s sleeveless or jeans or skirt nobody is bothered. In fact people don’t even give you that damn look for short cloths as everyone around is wearing the same.

When I was in “work city”, I realized that people were brand freak. You find all most everyone in jeans on Friday or any day for that matter.  Sleeveless, skirts are so very common here. Any new dress you wear, people ask you the brand, they don’t compliment the looks. It was a city were weekend boozing was common, and gender was not a discrimination.  Live-in relation did exist here.

Now I have come to “new city”. It is not very cosmopolitan. You find it is in transition from being traditional to trendy. The biggest problem is, everybody wants to interfere in every others life.

 Here people are bothered,
If I do car pooling and get dropped down by my colleagues,
If I don’t wear my sindoor or toe ring,
If I wear sleeveless or short tops for jeans,
If I call my husband by his name in public,
In fact people don’t mind their business, but interfere in others matters.

Now coming back to the topic, I have roamed in jeans, short tops, low neck kurtas, sarees and almost all kind of outfit in Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore. But nobody had a objection. But had loads of problem, when I moved on this “new city”.  I was coming to office, on road I just see a teenager, pulling down his pants and rushing towards me.. I got in fact scared. Ran towards a temple nearby. I discussed with my other female colleague. She also said, she faced same kind of problem, whenever she wear a sleeveless and work on road. My other north-Indian friend gave us a shocking fact that, she has seen men masturbating on road early morning. She wouldn’t know until she nears them. she stopped going for morning walks.

Now my doubts,
What can be the reason for the perverts?
Is it the fascination they have for white skin?
Is it the they do this only to other city people?
Or the conservativeness of the society?

For me it looked liked it is more to do with the conservativeness of the society. When you see everybody around you in saree or salwar kameez, and suddenly notice someone in sleeveless and skirts, men get entertained.  As, they are not used to this dress, any women wearing it becomes their target. Also, it is taken for granted that women wearing such stuff are giving them signals to approach them. Now, I can’t call skirt and sleeveless as provocative. When it is considered appropriate in certain cities, why not in others.

Note: I have written this post based on my experience; hope not to offend any particular city or community. and yes, i am expecting lots of difference in opinion and comments ..



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14 thoughts on “Perverts are more in conservative society. .

  1. Another explanation is that in a conservative society, men and women are not allowed to freely mingle – from childhood. So men do not obtain the skills necessary to deal with women when puberty hits. To them, women are these “objects” and not persons since they’ve never really interacted with them.

    As a first step, I suggest we stop segregating children into girls and boys in schools and continue that into college. Let them play together as children and obtain the skills for dealing with the opposite sex right from the get go.

  2. Oh I have come across such sickos very many times during the course of my life in Delhi. I can understand how disturbing it can be. No such behaviour has nothing to do with what you wear or dont wear but everything to do with how terribly perverted mindsets are!

  3. Ah! Its really scary. Perverts are found everywhere.. but yes some regions have seen many advancements to notice one or two odd balls. I remember a city in which I did some of my study and my friend encountered same kind of incident in broad day light. For many days, she could not go alone to college.

    Just stay safe.

  4. Landed here from GB’s blog….I would like to agree with u…difference exist from city to city…I have seen the life in my hometown where girls are stared if she has worn a decent kurti- jeans..somewhat u are right, when some ppl have ample amount of time, their perversion quotient surges!!
    while now staying in a B1 city, i can feel the difference very well…nobody has that ‘faltu’ time to look at what you are wearing….i am not saying here there are no such creeps but yes somehow i do not feel uncomfortable with intruding stares if i go out in my ‘whatever’ clothes 🙂

    1. welcome to my blog space.. the looks are so disgusting.. at times, those perverts keep following you.. that becomes all the more scaring.. such this i didnt find in metro cities..

  5. You experience is outrageous 😦 I’m so sorry to hear that!

    Small cities have this ‘your business is everyone’s business’ when I was in Mumbai, I used to go to watch movies alone and I could see no one staring at me in disbelief…when I shifted to Indore and went alone to watch a movie here…you don’t have to guess what happened..people gave me such stares as if I have committed a crime or such!

    We don’t see females wearing westernized outfits here much..though it is trickling down slowly now from Mumbai [Indore is called mini-Mumbai] but even here if a girl is wearing some bold outfit she gets 100 stares!

    that’s how it is …like you said..people are not used to seeing things around and hence turn their heads when they see…but thankfully I’ve never heard or experienced any such experience like yours !

    you stay safe,okay?

  6. kuch to log kahenge
    logon ka kaam hai kehna

    now matter what .. we are humans who blame GOD even when things dont go our way .. that us people

    we will always have something ot say about other woman and not about the woman in our own house and if someone says the same to them we end up in arms .. THEN why do we say about others

    perverts are everywhere I guess not sure of the city divides but then its what we have experienced…

  7. Even I faced the same prob at my hometown..People there having very different thoughts about girls’ life..Girls should be able to all house-work as well as she should be working woman,able to entertain everyone..And should stay in her circle(LakshmanRekha) :/
    But never want to understand her feelings.. :((
    Check out my blog too..
    Lets speak out to the world through Blogs!
    I need your support by commenting on my blog.. 🙂

  8. While I agree with most of the stuff you have put up here, I beg to differ on the last para. Its not only about the conservative nature of the particular region.. It also depends on the mindset of men… and some are definitely bad, period. I am also talking from my own experiences. I dont dress provocatively, at least in my perspective or what society calls a standard here. I have been subjected to abuse on trains, where I would have 2 layers of clothing covered by a blanket fully. So, its not purely based on how ppl of that region dress only. Perverts are there because they are so. There cant be one city in India which is devoid of these kind of ppl…

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