I have been reading many post about gifts from fellow bloggers.. So here is my post on it. I received a gift from my husband on Saturday.

What could it be for a handbag and footwear freak like me? It was a leather handbag.  Black leather handbag to be precise. A small one, which is contrary to my likes. Yes, I like to carry big ones, as it can hold lots of contents.

 Conversation while giving the gift:

He: when did u come from office?

MIL: he has got a gift for you..(Brings the handbag to me)

He: (feels bad that the surprise what he wanted to give me is gone), ya I got it for you.

Me: oh really?? Thanks a ton.


(Note: MIL is still standing there in the bedroom listening to our conversation)


He: take it

Me: ok, let me see it.

MIL: you carry big bag na.. Remember the auto wala said, all the place is occupied by bag, so this bag will solve the space problem..

Me: (thinking, I am not going to travel in same auto everyday na.. what space problem does it solve?? It creates many small bags for me now) all right.

He: Amma can you get me some coffee??

MIL: ( goes inside kitchen, realizing that she didn’t give me and hubby privacy to speak)

Me: very nice bag.. I thought u didn’t have time to shop for me.. J

He: yes I didn’t.. I went inside the shop. I told him my budget. He showed up  3 bags, I just picked one, paid the bill and came off.

Me: * confused look* what???

He: and also I don’t expect you to like it..

Me: what??

He: yes, I myself didn’t like it. So, I don’t expect you to like it.. It looks out of fashion, and sober..

Me: (stands speechless) so??

He: nothing, I will get you something better next time.. As of now, it’s a small gift from me..

MIL( returns from kitchen):  empty your old handbag. Hope all your stuff fits in your new bag..

Then, I try putting everything in the new bag and realize half my things don’t go. So, I decide to keep few stuff in office draw and rest in my lunch bag..



when I got married, my mom’s friends discussed among themselves and with my mom and got me all kitchen appliances, like pressure cooker, rice cooker, food processor, juicer etc etc. so nothing repeated and I just moved into a new city and just started my house without any difficulty. My friends gave me money as they thought I would use it the way I want it, in fact I said that I would prefer money than carry a gift all the way from chennai to vizag. But whenever I receive money from friends I make sure i buy something really useful and show them later that this is what I bought, I dint waste your money. in fact in our friends group for wedding gifts, we have made it a rule to ask the person what they want and buy it within the budget, if it exceeds, we ask the person to money from their pocket for the gift( it is an understanding, nobody makes a fuss on it).
I do the recycling, as I don’t have much of place and it’s repetitive of an item. And it so happened that in that cycle I got the same thing back for another occasion. .. (Such things do happen ok)

Talking about expecting gifts, my sister always orders what she wants as a gift for her b’day a month before.. .. And she gets it too.. I don’t get confused what to buy…

For close friends I do personalize the gifts and surprise them.. It always turned out to be hit than a flop till now.. Except for one time when my mother told, I would have felt happy if i got that instead of this..
Talking about the gift options, depends in people, there those who are happy just with greeting cards, few who complain about wrong design even if u get diamonds.. So, nothing is best or worst..

(Note: this is the comment I wrote for RM’s this post on gifting)