A visit to gents toilet !!!

reading  gkorula’s this post triggered me to write this post, which has no co-relation, but just got reminded of it.

I went inside gents toilet, when I was 6 years old. I walked along with my friend who was a boy, and went inside accidentally. But, I didn’t say anything to anyone, didn’t feel anything.

Next I went inside gents toilet when I was in college. It was intentional. I planned to go many times, that day I decided that I will definitely go. Before you guys imagine anything else, I am an architect, so as a architecture student it was needed for me to understand how the urinals work. So, it was official site visit to gents toilet. But, without getting permission from teachers. J

During my training period in 7th semester, I made terrible mistake with the toilet detail. My boss got frustrated, he wanted to tell me that, u need to step up to pee and urinal has to be at certain height, the partition between the urinals need not be of full length as nobody is going to peep. Mirror and do location should be kept in such a way that privacy is ensured.

How was I supposed to know that there is level difference between the floor level and the urinal floor level? How will I know about the partition height? This time, my boss said, I can’t help it; this is what happens when I ask a girl to design a gent’s toilet.

heat sensor urinal

( I thought I should have told him, that without a case study and model, how was I supposed to design urinal correctly, didn’t have guts to)

Later, I joined a private industrial firm. Where, I designed urinals with my previous knowledge gained during the training. Having a lady boss with me, saved me from trouble.

After few months of joining in the office, I was assigned the renovation work on the ground floor. That was when; I saw my actual urinal design coming into existence. I went through so many catalogs, visited vendors and got to know various varieties of urinals, starting from squatting once to waterless, to sensor to heat-sensor urinals.  I paid so many visits as part of inspection and testing the auto sensor working with pouring water on urinals and what not.


One day, when I was working on a Saturday, I realized that the water pipes for the ladies toilets were closed. May be admin people thought, women don’t work on weekends. It was an urgency, so, I had no choice but to enter gents toilet at my own risk.( I didn’t see anyone working in my wing, so walked it with a confidence). I finished my job, came out. That is when I was scared. My wing gents’ toilet had just one WC, 2 urinals and a washbasin. What if I was inside the toilet and come out to see someone using the urinal??, or just zipping in front of me?? Actually the office has two wings, and two gents toilet on one wing and one ladies and gents toilet in the other wing.( construction business na, so the proportion of female is less than male)

urinal design

Episode -2

I told you already that renovation work was going on. So females from ground floor had to use the toilet in my floor. So, the floating population and waiting time in the toilets increased, as we had one WC in ladies toilet. Again it was pro-active me suggested to change the gents toilet in the floor to ladies toilet. In-spite of putting a notice and sending circular, by habit, men come till the door and turn back. One instance, when I was just about to enter the converted gent’s toilet, the pantry boy just opened the toilet door. Both of were horrified, thank god, I didn’t scream but did make a noise which was heard to people sitting close to the restroom. From then, I just wait for few second when I have to enter the converted toilet. Poor guy, didn’t have guts to face me for many days.


I was working in late hours that day. All of a sudden, I hear footsteps, I get conscious and took the mopping stick from the janitor and was ready to hit whoever it was (as I was the only female on the floor), I open the door and see a security guard standing there. I didn’t get any words. I was scared and just went inside the toilet again and took my mobile to call up my friend. He came running, was standing out of the toilet door, waiting for me to come out and ensure everything was right. I came out and was glad that I saw a known face. I switched off all the light and was about to leave, I saw the same security again. I bluntly started shouting,” security, and security”. He said, “I am here only”. Before I could utter another word, he said sorry. He explained that he had come to check and switch off all unwanted lights when I was inside the toilet, he heard the flush sound and was about to leave and that is when I saw him.



For one of the competitions in the office, I had worn a nine yard saree( this photo was also taken inside the restroom). Proper madisar for 8 hours straight. That means, If I have to pee, I have to remove the saree completely and re-dress again. Yes, I managed to do it 4 times that day. I had to remove the saree, throw it out and use the toilet and come back and do it. Every time I was careful to lock the main toilet door. But one time I forgot, so you can guess the disaster right?? Thank god, it was in ladies toilet, and the person who entered was my boss.

Other toilet disasters are pants nada( thread) going inside or getting knotted , I forget to lock the door in urgency and then just hold the door with my palms resting on it, so the door doesn’t open even if somebody pushes, or going inside the toilet with hanky , mobile and pen and not knowing where to put them. Waiting in the queue and chatting had been the best time-pass. I even did photo-shoot session in front of the toilet mirror when I am all dressed up and my boss enters.

Did you ever face such a situation??