Passport renewal

Yesterday I had been to passport office. There were so many things to do. I had to wait in big queue for getting inside the building. Later, I had to sit in a big waiting hall, to take an appointment. It was funny, yes, u move seat by seat, when the first person, few rows before you finishes his query with the passport officer. After a wait of two hours my turn came. Can you believe he gave me appointment date in august for tatkal?? What is the purpose of tatkal?

Then, I had to request the security to allow me to meet the APO. Yes, he let me see him. After a long conversation, he accepted my request and gave me appointment for today.

I went to passport office. It is too good, the ambiance and the service too. At par with the corporate culture, it didn’t feel like I was in a govt office. Luckily I had all my documents with me in order. Within two hours everything, including the cancellation of old passport was done.

Now next task is taking passport for the bunty. I am just getting worried, if I have to take for the appointment and stand in the queue for hours together. My god, even the thought of it is making me dizzy.

Now coming back I had lots of questions:

–          Is passport office trying to get more revenue by making ppl take new passport after they get married in the name of spouse name addition, change of address, renewal etc etc.?

–          Now, if you have to take passport for the kid, new rule is that, parents should have added their spouse name in their respective passport. That means, two fees to be paid, then third fees for the kid?.

–          Minor passport expires in 5 years, so take the kid, u as the guardian go along to with the kid for renewing it every five years?.

–          How does this system work abroad, where changing partners is common, u have a biological father and guardian too?

–          Is it IRCTC, where major revenue is through ticket cancellation, passport offices too get money majorly from renewal and addition of spouse name and change of address?

I took my passport when I was in college, that too because it was compulsory for attending placements.  I didn’t bother about adding spouse name after getting married, as I thought marriage certificate will do when I travel. But now, when I have to take passport for my baby, all this has come up.  Worst part is doing it all alone when your hubby is not staying with you. Other problem is my old passport is Chennai issued; now I need to get in vizag. Both mine and hubby’s passport have different address. so it a problem when i have to take passport for bunty.

finally all this is because, i didn’t want to pay the fees for just adding spouse name, when my passport still has validity.  why cant adding spouse name be just a stamping on one of the pages, instead of  making me a new passport. 😦

12 thoughts on “Passport renewal

  1. In my case when I got my son’s passport done about an year back, we also did not have our names in each others’ passports. We attached the marriage certificate and there was no hassle. So probably this is a new rule.

  2. I’ve to go through this experience now…they have misprinted my surname and I’ve apply for the same…though the website doesn’t say I’m required to pay the fees but you never know,sigh!

  3. Is this a new rule? getting new passport for spouse name addition? I added my spouse name few years back at Chennai and it was just a stamp on one of the page.. I did change of address and spouse name addition at one shot..

    1. yes ani, now its a new rule.. both husband and wife should have their spouse name added, just one person changing is not enough for getting passport for babies.. 😦

  4. My passport is also coming up for renewal but i’m not going to change to my husband’s name. It seems like a real hassle. Did you go with an agent or did you do it all by yourself? Judging by your experience…i’m not looking forward to it at all…

    1. Can you let me know what documents you took with you for renewal or any website that assisted you? Actually on second reading, sounds like renewal wasn’t so bad…

    2. unnecessarily i went through the agent, but its not required at all.. the passport authorities are really helpful.. agent is asking more than 10,000 for nothing. actually u dont need to add souse name until u want to take passport for ur kid. adding souse name just needs a marriage certificate, and old passport copy.

  5. Here in UK you go the website it tells all you fill the form, put the documents required , post it and in 7 to 10 days you have it.

    Kids is for 5 or 10 years I am not sure, but that is because they change .

    Babies have their own passport.

    I have never stood in a que for the British passport. But even the Indian high commission works different here , I had to get my photo changed when I got my hair cut I remember a whole day was wasted to get that done.

    I have had problems when my father passed away and my mum was to come with me to UK, it took weeks to get the tatkal passport , even when the old was still valid.

    Here in UK if ur old passport is valid and you want a new one its just filling your form , putting you photo and post. That’s it.
    Because the old valid passport is proof of identity and everything.

    1. that is nice na.. u dont have to wait in hot sun outside the building an hour before they open the office, so that you can get-in first and come out early. i wish everything was a online procedure.

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