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What has my husband to do with a Nail polish??

So here is my grumble on my neighbors and my daughter. I went back home from work and realized that my daughter was very eager to show me her hands. I just overlooked and continued to walk inside the house and started keeping my handbag and lunch box at the assigned places, just then the red color drew my attention. I was shaken and surprised to see my daughter wearing red colour nail polish. Before I could ask my MIL, she (MIL) herself came with one word answer neighbors.

It seems my MIL herself told them that she is just a kid; she might eat it off, and requested them not to repeat it. After a day, I realize that Bunty is wearing nail polish again. I got furious. I went to ask them why??, my neighbors just replied,” why do you worry? We put it on legs only na, she can’t eat it. “. After that I didn’t feel like replying them anything. Few minutes later, MIL came out and said,” my son doesn’t like girls wearing nail polish”.

Now what is the reaction you expect from me??

I was dumb stuck; in fact thought it was true.

Neighbor immediately apologized and also promised that she won’t do it again.Don’t you think it is a shocking behavior of my neighbor?

the following questions ran in my mind;

Does that mean, she has no respect for women and my views? Is it not discrimination? I understand that she considers my husband to be the head of the family, but does it stop me from thinking or making decisions on my daughter and house? Did I say something different and did my husband say something else?? I seriously don’t understand why?


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I don’t like my MIL using my husband’s name for every rescue purpose. But, unfortunately only this works in my neighborhood.


Note: my husband is not bothered about nail polish. But, yes he doesn’t want my 1 year old to wear it as it contains chemicals.



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3 thoughts on “What has my husband to do with a Nail polish??

  1. I am sure I have said it so many times on my blogs , so i will not repeat it.
    but the question to your answer is YES.

    that is the mentality we have .. and then we start to blame everything on _______ . I dare not say it he he he he

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