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adoption in summer

The sky was cloudless, a beautiful blue, as we drove our car .As far as Kyra was concerned, life was perfect. I wanted to kiss her, took her chin up. She just said, “I want to talk to you.”

“And we’ve talked.” I couldn’t believe a beauty like her wanted to do social service? She was talking about adopting street children and taking care of them. “I enjoyed the thought of it.”

 Her words started a drumbeating in my head, slow, rhythmic, and seductive. I dragged towards me and give her a warm hug as appreciation.

Finally we reached our destination. She had lit candles and clipped flowers in the garden . We had the meal in the dining alcove, with its wide, curved window, with music from the sea and birdsong. A perfect setting for romance. Very much like. It’s was a magic palace.” And, listened to the sounds of water, with a fire going in the hearth and the good, smell of fresh air perfuming the air.

Nest day morning, we headed towards the orphanage.  She randomly picked up few kids. She said, “I’m going to take good care of them. Always. Look, dear, we have a big family now.”

You are such a darling. A sunshine girl.  She thought I was flattering her. I said, “Just as well I didn’t flatten you when I had the chance.”

When I was doing all the formalities of filling up the forms and other legal work. “Here” she held out a squealing infant. “Hold your son.” She said.

“Ah, Kyra, look at this. He has my eyes.” I said.

But the kids couldn’t get along with us initially. But Kyra is cheerful person who can make anyone enjoy her company. We took the kids to the sea resort where we stayed. It was afternoon by then. Kyra insisted in taking them out.  

I stayed back holding the infant with me. Other two kids followed her silently. They were scared what we would say, if they get indulged in any mischief. Kyra put them in ease. She pulled them into the water. After sometime, all three were holding their hands and getting inside water, splashing on each other, running away when the waves tried to touch them. What a sight it was. I saw Kyra turning a kid there.  Yes, her nature is what attracted me towards her.

All of us then started making sandcastle and played like never before. Kids were co-operative. This temporary adoption seemed to work.

Later after bath, all four of us sat by pool side sipping coconut water. Kids loved holding the colorful umbrella there, Kyra didn’t mind playing with them and posing for photographs. I felt little jealous looking at other men stare at her. they thought she was young and had three beautiful children , yet looked stunning. She gave them that carefree look.

A lady walked beside her and asked,” what Is the secret of your beauty?”

Kyra smiled and whispered in her ears,” lakme’ ”.

So, with summer camp organization we would join and help the underprivileged to learnt the water sports. We will find sponsors for the event. We will teach them, drawing, volley ball, and all possible things which could be done on sea shore.

 Summer temporary adoption seemed to work for us. We decided to this every summer on our vacations.  What a beautiful holiday it is, with a beauty like Kyra next to me, ready to do service all her life. Initially I was in love with her out skin, now I am in love with her as entirety.



I welcome you here! My blog is primarily a blank paper with chronicles of my everyday thoughts and happenings around me spilling like colours. It has various hues, bright, cheerful at times dark episodes of my life. I like to speak a lot and tell stories, but rarely find patient listeners. So, here I am venting out, everything crossing my mind. it is also a record book of my little Barbie’s antics and growth. It is just not about the baby ,but also helps me to keep track of fights and special moments with husband, in-laws and friends. I am an Architect by profession working for an Govt. away from husband because of job location. I love writing, painting, reading and cooking (occasionally).I like roaming around and window shopping. But, now unable to move even an inch outside, because of my daughter. I am originally from Andhrapradesh and have lived in Tamilnadu for 25 years and now back in Andhra. So you will find mix of words from both the languages and me trying to settle down in this new place. Thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear from you. Please email me at

5 thoughts on “adoption in summer

  1. Lovely summer-y idea! 😀 Kyra rocks. The two of us are going to this beach vacation (didn’t you read my post? Haww! :P) and you are very welcome to come and join us!

    1. hey debo.. yup will surely join u guys.. lets hope that either u or me should win , then both of us can go to the beach resort and enjoy.. lets make the deal.. 🙂

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