Birthday dress

Yes, bunty ‘s birthday is coming up. I bought her 4 dresses. Here are the pictures.

I wanted her to try them, but she is reluctant to remove them. She already used 1 dress which I got for her b’day. I realized that she is found of pattu-pavadi. Initially she was little uncomfortable as, she never wore a full length dress till now, that too silk for highly humid climate.

now dress is done, but debate is going on if the party has to be small one or a grand one?? Finally we are convinced that we are going host only a small party with only bunty’s friends. So, she will also enjoy. I don’t want to bring in office crowd and try being a good hostess, leaving the baby in unknown world.



11 thoughts on “Birthday dress

  1. wow lovely dresses , you know these days we can get so many colors , when i was a kid did not have that many ..

    wishing the little one a very happy birthday .. and my piece of cakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

    1. thank you.. to surprise my neighbors didnt approve my daughter dress as it was not jantcng and flashy with shimmers.. i just had to convince them that comfort is important.. her b’day is on 29th.. dont forget R’s b’day is on 28th.. cake?? will parcel u..

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