Office tales:

I am sitting in office and feeling bored today. I just kept on looking at people who work with me in my hall and started penning it down.

 Let me call people with numbers. We are seated in two rows, facing each other.

 Mr.1: he is just above the ground, must be only 4 feet something. When I joined this office, I remember, he always carried new paper along with him and read it. Then go for tea and later start his work. Now days he is not bring it (maybe he discovered online newspaper). He is Very quiet, always struck to his seat.

 Mr.2: he looks silent, but a knowledgeable man with good sense of humor.  He is always on time. I don’t even have to look at my watch. Again he is a workaholic person, seriously looking at his monitor. He demands respect not by force, but people will automatically give looking at him.

 Mr.3: another name of jolly carefree nature. But he is very efficient. Send him out for any work, he will come back only with success. He is interested in photography. He becomes a excited with all new thing and is full of positive aura and energy.

 Mr.4: a showoff character. Talented, but can never express it properly. Language is a problem. A localite, a mobile directory for us, need to buying things, regarding the best and worst of the city.

 Mr.5: somehow I feel like calling him a wanna-be dominating husband. He will project as though he is taking control of house, fiancé and everything but the decisions are always taken mutually by them. But he is a helpful character. He has great knowledge but always down to earth and always eager to read.

Row opposite to above seating starts now.

Mr.6: unpredictable character. At times really helpful, at time back biting.  Escapes when work is given, but projects as hard working. He is guru of electronics and everybody consults him for PC related queries. Though his designation is small, he has big contacts. So, nobody dares to mess up with him.

Mr.7: a newly married guy. Silent, always on phone as his wife works in a different state altogether.

Mr.8: my best friend. We are of same age, brought up in same state, working for same department with same grade. We have code words for every person and we talk in tamil as nobody around understand. We are there for each other, when work comes, we share ideas and we are not bothered about others. He is good friend of my husband too. We spend at least an hour together seeing matrimonial sites and commenting on girls and look for best match.

Ms.9: hey that me. You know me; I am good, always working, at times blogging and half the time wondering what to do.

Mr.10: he is a telugu Brahmin and considers himself as superior. He is talented and has lots of work experience. May be his experience itself is my age. But he behaves childish. He wants everything new, let it be PC or phone or Chair and he is not ready to share it with anyone. Have you ever seen someone getting wild if other person sits on his chair? He gets awesome, mouth watering food. He packs nearly 21 dabbas, Tupperware once, different colour and brings variety of dishes everyday. Can you imagine, pickle, dal, curry, rasam, curd, pachadi, sprouts, biscuits and some drink too.  I should appreciate his wifes skills. Did you think his wife is not working, no re she is state govt employee. She cooks and packs food by 8.30 in the morning.  So, I am not taking my husband to his house for lunch anytime in my life.

 Mr.11. he is another good friend of mine. A malu guy. He is a well wisher and adviser for me in need. I like him for his organized nature. Anything he would file, keep it organized. After two years, if I ask him for a document, he would take it and give me.

So we are the interesting 12 characters sitting in a room.  26 to 48 yrs old, people from various parts of the country working for a single cause. I am the single women in the hall and also in the department. I get unwanted attentions and also an excuse not to go to site.  I am pampered most of the times as I am the youngest too. I don’t know how long this extra attention is going to last. Let me wait and see. But desperately want a female college, an older one, who will be there when I say I have a problem and understand me.

5 thoughts on “Office tales:

  1. yeah a female colleague is kind of wanted sometimes..I mean you can’t do with guys around all the time…but enjoy the pampering till it lasts 🙂

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