Crush is temporary:

Ok, let me believe that I am writing this post and confessing the truth. I never thought I would tell out this world that I had so many crushes in my life. Recently I have evaluated the format in which I like somebody and also analysis of the time period of it with non-continuity of the same.

Observation-1: I have liking for people whose name starts with A, left hander’s, someone with artistic taste, malu , has good sense of humor and IITians. Font ask me why, no strong reasons for it.

Observation-2: I can casually flirt with them and men too respond back with all the energy. I have not faced a no-time for conversations or sometime later any time till now. I was actually called Kadali queen (flirting queen in college) as I could talk to any stranger with an ease.

Observation-3: I get bored of them within a week or so. As in, I will no more have crush on them. After talking to them, I realize that there is lot more to hate in that person than to like so much. And I become on their friends and my friends list goes up by a count.

Observation-4: later at some point when they really with me for more years, I do tell them that I had a crush on him and we laugh at it.

Observation-5: I am still good friend of all my crushes. We don’t tell out that we had a mutual crush years back or tease about it in public.

Now, you might be wondering what am I upto or why am I discussing all this?? Coming to the answer, there is a new guy in office. Looks to be intelligent, has good sense of humor, good name etc etc. of course married, about my age. After talking to him, going to canteen for a week, I realized that he is no more interesting. I told my husband, who is not even jealous about it. Then I remembered an article which published in “times of India”, years ago, saying it’s healthy to have a crush in office. It makes us feel younger and energetic. It gives us an excuse to look good, dress up well. So now what next? Just wait for someone new to join. .( tell more stories about him to hubby to irritate )

Note: hubby doesn’t react to this crush thing, as everybody in office knows I am married with a kid, he thinks nobody can adjust with me, as I demand more when it comes to office work and very strict about the output and was always called as lady Hitler during college days.

13 thoughts on “Crush is temporary:

  1. Truly brave of you to write about this. Each of us has a special liking to towards atleast one person, if not more, at the workplace. Makes a dull day so much more bearable.

  2. ishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i need to tell my mom why did she chose my name with a “B” … he he he

    well i guess hubby dear trusts you a lot .. Sadly i have to find a good looking lady in my office who might have a crush on me again 😦 … such is life ..

    some are lucky he he heh e

    1. LOL u name starts with B.. may be u should try becoming a lefty now.. :P.. hey i am the only female in office.. so men dont have choice here.. :P..
      all the best.. may be some girl is joining tomorrow.. 🙂

  3. Ha ha ha really funny !!! Why not ask a ‘former crush’ friend (whom hubby doesn’t know) to join in for dinner and keep up the flirting act…hopefully that would work 😉 Keep up the good work 😉

  4. 😀 So true – try to tease hubby and see if he gets J – NEver happens yaa! 😦 But yeah – trying to catch the eye of a smart man at work – thats such an adrenaline rush 🙂

    Reading all your previous posts-you’ve written those Vodaphone and Lakme thing amazingly well! Hats-off!

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