Evolution of mobile in my life.

Zoo zoo bean bag is so tempting that I am not able stop resist myself from writing another post. There is chance of increasing the probability of winning one.

This post is also a dedication for architecture students.

So let me start with the prank we used to do as college students with our mobile phones.

Basic mobile

Scene 1: this is when I got my first phone, and of course a sim card. Like anyone does, take the new number and send message to your own friends without revealing the identity. Most of the friends speculate it, few overlook it and few get really bugged. I used to play more with the bugged ones.

Scene 2: during the exam times, we had to share notes. So we used to change schemes on mobile connection so we get benefited with night-free-talk time. I used to stay awake all night revising my lessons with my buddy who was a day scholar and had internet connection at home. So, it was getting indirect internet information through mobile phone.

Scene 3: during the girl’s night out. When all the girls feel really bored and didn’t have anyone to talk to at night time, we used to call the service centers and ask for new talk time plans launched and do time pass. Yes, trust me it was useful in later stages of life. In fact dew girls practiced how to talk to strangers on phone or take interview phone calls like this. (Vodafone don’t take it offensive way)

Scene 4: I had to do my project. I tried calling one of the famous architects in the city on to his landlines number. But he was always busy and didn’t want to encourage students calling him directly. So, I sent him a forward message, a humor one asking,” who the small devil is??” something like that. I got a prompt call from him. I used the chance to talk to m him about my project and was accepted as smart as I could get hold of him. And make him call me.

That was just a foretaste of what we used to do with just mobile.

Mobile with camera:

Indeed that was great if we possessed a mobile with camera.

Scene 5: where ever we go, we used take pictures. They had this feature of adding certain elements to photos. We used use them too. Then, we had to get it home, transfer it to computer then mail it friends. We used capture all sort of moments. Uglier the action, it was better for teasing. Someone digging the nose, someone copying in exam, everything was recorded.

Then came MMS, Bluetooth, MP3 players etc

Scene 6:This added on fun. Sending across the photos or messages was easy. We didn’t have to transfer data to computers.

Unfortunately before the Smartphone’s came, my college ended. Still that didn’t stop me from having fun or getting connected to friends, as I had Internet in Phone.

Scene 7: all meeting were planned on group chat, we browsed for locations to meet, used GPRS to reach the new place. We took so many pictures, shared it across on facebook. Comments pop-in in lighting seconds and fun got unlimited.

Back to office:

Scene 8: I used to say I am using work from home option, be connected on phone through Gmail, which actually shows my boss that I am online, in front of system working, while I would roam out with friends and just look at the essentials when required.

At home:

When I delivered the baby, my in-laws were abroad, so I just had to click the picture and show them the baby. It was just so nice to get live updates than anything else. I watched the full world cup finals on phone just before getting into labour.

Talking about what would come next?

Scene 10: I would be construction site, where I can ask people at office to send me the dwg, without wasting time on printing and saving paper, I would review it. vise versa, my construction engineer would take picture of the progress and show me the problem in picture format, as I would not need to travel and give the solution.

This post is part of a contest Internet is Fun on Indiblogger, sponsored by Vodafone. Check this out: www.vodafone.in/fun

picture credit: Google search.

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