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Elena and Kyra.

I( Elena) with my friends planned a trip to Fisherman’s Cove, a Taj group of resort located in kovalm , on ECR . I was certainly not interested in going in hot sun, as I am little complexion conscious. But, I couldn’t say no to friends, beach or volley ball. Yes, my dad is a player; I did inherit his good playing skills.

We started early in the morning to evade traveling in hot sun. We took our bikes; I made sure that I wear a scarf on my head, gloves for my hands, a full dress. I mean completely covered from head to toe. I was shocked to see my parents too in same attire.

We headed towards our destiny. I was happy seeing sea in front of me. That too so clean. Yes, city beaches are not so sparkling. I felt like jumping inside the water, but I couldn’t pull myself to do. Getting inside water meant, wearing a swimming outfit. I couldn’t afford to show my suntanned skin and delineation on neck, hands and legs are so much that, my skin looks in two shades. It looks as though I have attached a fairer skin of someone else underneath.

Just then, my eyes struck on the swimming instructor, Ms.Kyra. I notice her. It was like looking at mirror, a darker one, rather a polycarbon film struck mirror.  Indeed my friends started teasing her to be my Robot. I touched her to feel for myself if she was truly a human, with such an unblemished skin, super fine effect that gave a matte yet glowing finish.

I immediately called up my parents saying that I met my Xerox in the resort. They were shocked and they started immediately to meet us on beach.

Mean while, I was so excited to be with Kyra. She asked my name, I said Elena. She was surprised that both of us had Greek names. We went together for a ride on my bike. We shopped few nice outfits for ourselves, same ones. We wanted to mystify others. But we couldn’t succeed because of our complexion divergence.

shy me and confident her

She said, nobody can beat her in volley ball. So we had a bet and we started playing. I was so conscious of wearing bikini. But, she took off so carefree. I was getting envious inside. For first time I lost the match. The reason was my consciousness of skin and getting tanned. I felt appalling. I just left the place.

drink we enjoyed in hot summer together.

Kyra came behind me with a drink and her handbag. She softened her voice and started asking me what happened? I just shouted back at her. She understood my annoyance. She tried to console me. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I said, I never felt so mediocre till now in my life. But looking at her is making me lose my confidence. It is all because, we took so many pictures together and shared it immediately on Facebook. The comment I got was little disappointing. People said, I am standing next to wax doll, which is fairer in complexion and had more life than me.

Soon, my parents to reached our place. They went and hugged her, gave her all complements for her look. I felt that I should have never met this Kyra. Then, dad announced that she is the daughter whom he lost 20 years ago. I was dumbstruck.  Kyra came to me and told me that, she knew it the moment she saw me. Our maid had stolen her, but told her the truth recently. She had come to resort to meet me and cheer me up and make up for all the missed childhood.

career we made

I immediately asked my mother, why is that, even if we were identical twin, Kyra looked better than me?  Kyra said, it’s nothing but simple secret. She handed me her handbag. I opened it and found, Lakme’ sun expert.  I used it for few days.

Two weeks later, both of took my bike, and went to the same destination. Now, everybody’s eyes were just on us. I was more confident to wear my Bikini this time. People came asking about our twin tales. We started confusing my friends. We played beach volley ball all the time, went for surfing and turtle search.  We had so much fun. It was more because I found my sister back. Kyra became my strength. We had lots of drinks, tender coconut, juices and what not. There was nobody to stop us from enjoying. Not even the sun, dared to stop us.  Now people call us the Greek queens.  Now the facebook comments were revised. People called us the angles of sun/ sun darers.

happy Greek queens.

This post is my entry for The Lakme Indiblogger Contest.

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