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Kyra O Kyra.

My daughter, Kyra  is studying Chennai. She lives away from me. She is a student of Architecture. She is so busy with her studies that she didn’t come home for past few months. So, Kyra and her dad decided to plan a vacation in Andaman Islands. We thought it would give her a break. I was scared, that my daughter would be tanned and she has to go for her placement interview after coming back. Won’t this vacation leave a dark mark on her?. Still these two managed to pull me with them and made me agree.

We took a flight from Vizag and asked my daughter to come there directly as her review dates didn’t match with ours.

We reached the destination. What a sight it was to see, sea around you. Complete blue, touching the sky. I became kid once again. I started walking down the sandy beach; I started hearing the sounds of waves as I walked the shore.

At a distance I saw a pretty girl.  She was wearing a nice white shirt with  floral pattern skirt. She was stunning to look at. She was picking up shells. She was wearing goggles, like a hair band to her loose hair, which flowed like a wave with the sea breeze. She was totally carefree. She had her headphone, seemed like she was enjoying a good music, sea view and the sun too.  On a contrary, here I am wearing a full hand shirt, jeans, a big hat covering me as much as possible, from all the sun.

I couldn’t take my eye of the girl. She walked towards the resort, held an elderly ladies hand. Looked like, the old lady was her mother. She too was wearing a similar kind of skirt and walked carefree on to the shore. This kindled the curiosity in me to find more. Desire to stay young and not bothered about sun was the first priority now.

I heard my husband calling from behind. I had no choice but to go back to my room. But, it still remained In my mind. I wanted to run to girl ask her the secret of enjoying the sun. I took bath and I told my husband that I am going for a stroll outside. He too asked me, if I am going out in this sun?? I said yes. I was thinking in my mind that, I am going to find out the true reason, what is that kept me away from going into the sun.

When I went out, I saw the young girl playing volley ball there with other foreigners there. Somehow I made a calculation that she must be an NRI, spending so much money on creams and cosmetics and surgeries. That must be the reason for her gorgeousness.

I saw the old lady calling me by waving her hand. I was turning around and making sure that she was calling me only. I took my steps towards them. That is when I found that, I know these faces. I was so stupid not recognizing me daughter Kyra and my mother there. They had changed a lot. I mean, the attitude they carried, their skin tone, dressing.

Yes, I am a conservative mother. I never allowed my daughter to wear short skirts, as she might get tanned in the sun. Or get sun buns. Here, I saw her bright, and shockingly even my mother wearing a skirt. Their skin was radiant and properly hydrated. that is the reason i didn’t recognize them generally when my daughter comes back from college, she is all tanned. i tease her saying that she looks like a dried fish, all credit to her Architecture studies, which demands site visit and construction work inspections etc. to my surprise here she was blooming.

Just then I heard my husband shouting “surprise” from behind. I was more shocked than surprised. Before I could ask my daughter about the change in her, they just gave me this gift. Opening the gift, I got all the answers to my doubts.

It was nothing, but lakme’ Sun Expert as gift.  I was so happy that I got this beautiful gift from my daughter Kyra, who planned mothers ‘day celebration In such a surprise. I was just so happy to receive this gift.

Instantly I applied it, and joined mother and daughter on beach volley ball. No, as I was involved it was just a throw ball.  We had coconut water with other mock tail there. Nothing stopped us from enjoying the 3 days at Andaman island. Neither the sun nor my husband who had pay all the bills. I did enjoy the attention given my stranger and my husband. This extra attention changed my perspective of being conservative with sun.

Now, I allow my daughter to go out in sun, play as much she wants. There is nothing to worry now. I feel bad that, I just didn’t look at lakme’ for so long.  Thanks for Lakme’ for making me understand about Kyra.

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4 thoughts on “Kyra O Kyra.

  1. Hey ashreyamom, very nice post.. super imaginative n really brought out the fact that this product can be used across the three generations 🙂

    All the best fr the contest 🙂

    1. thank you raj.. i was just writing what could be my relation with Kyra.. being mom sounded interesting.. then i thought of combining mother’s day to it.. that is all..

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