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The Best Day The Worst Day!!!

Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life”- Andrew Brown 

I woke up at 2 am with alarm in my phone started ringing. I couldn’t afford to snooze it that day. I had to travel to Chennai on official duty.  I had to take my daughter too with me, as there was no one to take care at home. I browsed for local taxi number through Google. Thanks to my new I-phone and Vodafone connection in it.

I went to railway station; I realized that I forgot to take my ticket. I panicked and called my husband. He just asked me, if I could open my Gmail on phone? I said yes, very much. He mailed me the irctc ticket which he had booked for me. I opened it and showed to TTR when he came.  We (me and my daughter) started traveling.

When I hoped that travel would go smoothly, my daughter started making fuss. She wouldn’t eat anything and no sit on her seat too.  I was just scratching my head, just then I heard other person’s mobile ringing. “Why this kolaveri di”. Bulb in head started glowing. I opened YouTube and started playing it for my daughter.  God showed me heaven then. What a fun it is when you have such a nice pacifier with you in hand.

Later my daughter slept, I started feeling bored. I opened facebook.  I saw it was my mother’s b’day. How did I forget? God only know, with the little one next to me, I can forget my name too. I was thinking of calling my, then realized that If I call her now and tell I forgot her b’day, it would sound really rude. So I just opened googled, browsed for online flower and cake delivery service, and ordered and paid it through my phone. Few hours later, I got a call from my mom, saying “Thank you”. I just thanked my phone for it in my mind.

Finally I reached the destination. For some reason, my office couldn’t send me the cab. I had to take a pre-paid taxi from central station. I was kind of confused and bothered about travelling alone with a daughter in a new city. Intelligent me, woke up inside and asked me to use gprs. Yes, I could pick up few local road names, and act as though I knew the route to the place.

Luckily after sometime, my friends did join me up. I gave them the responsibility of taking care of my daughter. I went for work. Things can go wrong anytime. Like Murphy’s Law, I just copied the wrong document for the presentation.  By then, I got used to my phone and its capabilities. I just called office and asked my assistant to just send me the new presentation.  I said, things don’t happen that easily. There was a power failure and generator repair. I just showed then the complete presentation on my phone. I got lot of applause for not wasting time and for my presence of mind.

After sometime, my phone charge was down; I didn’t get so much time to charge it. But nothing did stop. I used my friend’s phone with my Vodafone sim card, and continued my day and other activities.  The network and internet did follow me everywhere I went. Thanks to Vodafone and internet for saving a big day my life. i spent all night playing on-line games.  took pictures of the new city and posted them FB instantaneously.  and told the complete story story to hubby through the video call.

Internet in mobile, saved me form ticket-less traveling, making my daughter eat and sleep with favorite song, made me wish my mom with best gift, pay my phone bill and carryout my office task without getting lost in the new city. Internet is so much fun and life saving if used properly.

The Internet is the most important single development in the history of human communication since the invention of call waiting.”- Dave Barry quotes

note: all this so happened just after the contest was announced. looking at the contest in mobile through my friends blog, i couldn’t stop writing’s it immediately. thought i didn’t know how to add pictures, i just used my desktop to re-edit it. hope i will other things too in internet on phone with more time spent on it.This post is part of a contest Internet is Fun on Indiblogger, sponsored by Vodafone. Check this out:
picture credit: Google search


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10 thoughts on “The Best Day The Worst Day!!!

  1. Yup. you bring out the internet’s importance in our lives soo well… great post n great pics. I’m still not smart enough to have a smart phone yet but ur post tells me what all I’m missing :).

    All the best!! .. Loved this one 🙂

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