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Hutch to touch!!!

Internet is fun! with ZOO ZOO…

The internet is fun when you connect with friends, watch videos shared by others, play games online, experience exciting new apps, or get to know someone from the other side of the world. How is the internet fun for you on your mobile?




We used have dial-up connection. I remember how consecrated it was. We used to handle the computer with so much of care. Sit for hours together to get connected. I was in class 5, when I got my first mail id (that too un-official) as yahoo allows you to have mail id only if you are 18 years old. In fact it was pride to have a computer at home and that too with internet connection. People were literally considered rich and techi if that computers at home.


 mobile?? I used to get confused between mobile and cordless phones. Later I came across them in movies. I was less familiar with such instruments.

 Little recently :

 India is witnessing a healthy growing usage of mobile Internet.


When I got my first internet:

Things changed. I started using computer frequently. In fact joined computer science group in junior college. Later I got laptop with wifi connection in college. Things kind of changed. Life without internet was UN-imaginable. We had to do so many projects, reviews. So internet was a must like pen and pencil in bag.

When I got my first mobile:

Though I was the last one to get mobile phone in the class, I got the best talk-time plans from vodafone. Mobile was mostly used to do SMSes. In fact I had record of sending 126 SMSes to same person, chatting in the college. Yes, our exploitation of the device leaded to mobile ban in college. Still we managed to sneak it in, use it in hostel.


There are about 40 million mobile Internet users as of June 2011 of which about 30 million are termed as active users.

Internet in mobile:

I moved to new city. Here I used the mobile to get connected to my parents. I got hi-tech mobile. I used to use the camera, take pictures and send it across to parents. In fact I couldn’t use computer or laptop in my hostel due to restriction. I just used to take pitcures os my new dresses, or things i buy and send them the photos as mms and get their feedback.



According to a prediction( by digitaltrends), smartphones will begin to replace standard-feature phones at an increasingly rapid rate in the coming years, and the tablet sales are expected to “explode,” the company says. “[T]he impact of smartphone and, especially, media tablet adoption will be so great that the number of users accessing the Internet through PCs will first stagnate and then slowly decline.”


The way mobile is being used, I can see it to become another identification card. A unique number with a instrument like pan card, voter card. Every human would posses and use it to do all transaction. To do any transaction you need something called internet which would come with your mobile.

Past and parcel of life:

I remember I mom teasing me saying that mobile is my 11th finger in my hands. Yes, it is always there struck to me.

App(s)lication  provide the required benefit and up-to-date applications are constantly being developed for any kind of need. All this is based on people’s own life styles; they’ll do it daily without having fall short.

Following are internet pointers from my mobile:


  • online news is most frequently accessed followed by e-mail;
  • chat and social networking sites.
  • 3-G has given the super facility of video-chatting.
  • GPRS-maps
  • Tickets booking, Online shopping
  • Phone banking
  • Blogging
  • Photo viewing
  • Online games
  • YouTube
I have written many a times, I live away from my family. The best gift my friends could give me was the mobile phone, smartphone  “LG GW620R”. It was my best companion in the new city. I used gprs to find roads, get connected to my friends using social networking site. Yes initially it was orkut, later moved to facebook. People used to know about my life seeing my status message. Blogging became my right, gaming was time killer.  I didn’t have TV at that time, so entertainment was YouTube, I saw all my missed serial episodes and what not?

I was asked to see my husband’s photo in my g-mail. I didn’t have access to net at office noe in my hostel. So, I tried getting my hostel mates, hi-tec phone then to check my mail and see his photo. I liked him instantly. But I had my own doubts on him. I got to know someone from the other side of the world.

I tried to follow him on Orkut, get to know about his friends, his attitude and everything possible from kind of communities he was added in.

We chatted with each other, messaged, sent MMS for wishing on b;day or festivals. We got to know a lot about each other.

Then came Facebook. I had moved to new city for work, didn’t have postal address of my school and college mates. I got connected with friends, through facebook. I did nothing but just created a event and called all my friends. Easy it was, just a click away I got connected to the world of friends.

After a year, I was pregnant. I started blogging, writing all the happening, whenever I got idea, I typed on my mobile and posted it instantly.  We still share updates of my baby’s growth by sharing her YouTube videos and also watch videos shared by others, and family.


In totality I can’t see a life devoid of my mobile with internet. It is just not part of my family but part of me.

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updated: hey, i am one of the 20 runner ups…



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