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Why do Architect’s charge more fees??

I was having tea in canteen. Just then a couple who are scientists called me to their table.

Scientist husband: do you know we are buying a new house in X place.

Me: congrats. How much area? Where?

Scientist wife: I am thinking of a full turn pop-out corner kitchen table.

Scientist husband: it will cost around 80,000 INR.

Me: no, I don’t think it would be that expensive.

I find out an interior supplier and give them a cost, which is 10,000 INR. So, I explain them that they will be paying more if they go with that particular consultant.

SH: (thinks for a while) do you know why architects charge more fees?

Me: (look little perplexed) why??

SH: because architects are also marriage counselor too. They charge fees for both the consultation.

Generally while designing a house, people have their own views and want different things to be done. Say it be wall colour or texture, room location or furniture. So, architect must be in position to convince all and come to conclusion with a particular design.



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